Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Growing Pains....

I said goodbye to my jeans a few weeks ago (week 16). They fit fine in the legs but it was getting ridiculous to button them. My mom took me to get a pair of stretchy maternity jeans. Why all jeans don't come with an elastic waistband is still a wonder to me. They are comfy! I have to pull them up every 5 minutes since my belly isn't big enough to hold them up on their own yet, but it beats trying to wear the bella band over my jeans and looking like I have 2 misplaced outie bellybuttons.


My work pants (the Editor pant from Express is the only dress pant I wear - I have 9 pair in an array of blacks, browns, greys etc) have been much kinder to me! I have been able to wear them no problem....until today. (18 weeks) I can still button them but am realizing that sitting at a desk in them squishing my tummy isn't the most comfortable. Luckily I'll be able to wear the bella band with these and am hoping to buy myself at least 3-4 more weeks before I have to suck it up and hit the maternity store. Eek!

I'm holding out as long as possible,mostly because it's still summer and I'll be my biggest during the rainy and cold fall and winter here in Oregon so I'd rather spend my hard earned dollars on items that I'm going to wear more often (and am hoping my leggings will provide lots of free leg wear for fall and winter- anyone got a heads up on this years fall trends? *fingers crossed*). I also have issues with buying things that I may not ever wear again. What if we don't have another kiddo or what if it's a summer baby. And maybe I'm holding out because although I love the reason that I am getting bigger , I am still really, really self conscious about my body.

At least I've still got purses and jewelry I can shop my regular spots for!   

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