Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet Betty & Barney Boring

The hubs and I realized last weekend that sadly, we are not a "fun" couple. Our idea of a crazy weekend is going to the theater after 6pm (whaaa?? a non-matinee - that's on the edge).

When you think about your early married years you think freedom to travel, eat out when you want, take spur of the moment trips, yada, yada, yada (at least we did). No kiddos, no babysitters, no limits.

"Oh the fun adventures we will have!"

And believe me, we know couples that do this. They exist. (You may be one of them- lucky!) They take couple trips, and go on weekend adventures, and eat out at nice restaurants...on weeknights!

Now I don't know where these folks are financially, they may have a bankroll under their mattress, they may have mortgages, & car payments and credit cards out the wazoo, they may save up  for their "just for fun splurges".  I don't know and quite frankly 'tis none of my beeswax. I do know how we pay for things however.

I think we are a different breed, a horse of a different color if you will. This is how we roll.... We both work full time, we outright own our cars, we rent our house, we don't own a single credit card, and the only debt we have is the hubster's law school loan (and we are VERY thankful for parents who footed the bill for my undergrad and D's undergrad aaaannnd MBA - I know we are fortunate to have had that luxury) and let me tell any of you aspiring school ain't cheap! We function on a budget, albeit a flexible one, so that our extra dough at the end of each month can be socked away for savings or to pay extra on "El Loan-o". Yay for discipline!   .....right?!?!?

While the excitement of being debt free before we're 100 is neat-o, I think we've forgotten to remind ourselves that spending a little extra money doing "fun stuff" is worth the extra $2 in interest we'll accrue, and that when discussing dinner plans we don't guilt ourselves out of going to a sit-down meal because we can save $20 by just grabbing a subway $5 footlong.

Don't get me wrong ....boring can be bliss. Daniel's Our schedules often require working weekends and nights so especially during crazy months there are times when we literally just want to watch football, do laundry, sleep in til 8am and be in bed by 10pm and chalk it up to a win! We're big goofballs so we have fun together whether we're watching our shows or running errands or running from a scam artist at the Eiffel Tower (I'll share that one another time.). We just realized that because we're busy at work it's easy to get "lazy" and stuck in a routine and we aren't gonna stand for it!

In 'Friends' terms...we've decided that it's time to be a little less Monica and a bit more Phoebe. Anyone have any creative, fun, inexpensive date night ideas??


  1. it's couples like you that i am jealous of. our savings is like nada. and something always happens that makes us spend it. however, i totally understand where you are coming from. it's easy to get stuck in a routine for whatever reason. i'd say hit up a happy hour and i don't think going to movies are that bad. if i lived in your region i would take a day trip to seattle or up to canada. or find a cool place to do some hiking and have a picnic. by the way, using a Friends reference makes me happy. personally, i relate most to Rachel.

  2. During the holiday season, pour some hot cocoa in a couple of thermos mugs, turn on some Christmas music in your car and drive around to all the best Christmas light spots. Steve and I have been doing that for's our favorite Christmas date night tradition.


Your turn. Don't be shy, tell me what you think!

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