Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brooklyn is 4 months!

I remember being in grade school thinking that summer would never come. That the school year was just dragging on. I was never going to grow up and was never going to be a "big kid". Now, here I sit at 30, wondering where time has gone. Crazy how things change.

Here's a one month vs. 4 month shot:

We went today for Brooklyn's 4 month well baby and more shots and here's where she's at:

Height: 25 1/4 inches (83%)
Weight: 14 lbs 5 oz (54%)
Noggin: 42.5 cm (93%) yikes!


- I know I say this every month but we really do have such an "easy" baby. Homegirl is the most laid back kid ever. God knew I am an anxiety-filled ball of worry and wanted to break me into mommyhood easily. She's an A+ traveler, loves sports, is constantly laughing smiling and chatting, and sleeps like a bear in hibernation.

Here's a video of BK in the tub:

-She's still sleeping 10+ hours a night.She usually "talks" and sometimes whines when we put her down for naps and for bed but pipes down after about 10 minutes and goes to bed on her own!

- Still no rolling over on her own, but she has found her toes and enjoys grabbing them so maybe that will assist in the rolling. She does however, try to pull herself from laying to a sitting position anytime she grabs a hold of our thumbs. Also, as with most babies everything she touches she also has to attempt to eat. I also think she's going to be a lefty like her mom! She lifts her head and shoulders up more during tummy time now(finally!)

-She's been helping me write thank you letters (she scribbles, and I translate) cause it's never too early to learn good manners. She's actually really good at holding the pen and going to town on the card, although I do have to put a spare paper under the card so pen ink doesn't end up on everything.

Talking to her giraffe
Wearing the headband that Granny (my grandma, BK's great grandma) made for her!
- She's way more talkative. If she's awake- she's chatting 80% of the time. If she sees something she likes she will let you know. This makes us really nervous in church, but she's been quiet and attentive every week for the sermon. She likes watching Pastor Joe.

-Brooklyn can hold her head up really well so we've been doing more activities where she's upright. We play horsey and airplane which get her giggling and we spend time in the bumbo. She's also more coordinated at holding things and can push the buttons on her musical toys without assistance. Remind me to buy more ibuprofen next time I'm at Costco.

 -She's discovered that arching her back and tilting her head all the way back while you are feeding her is funny. She get's the biggest grin when she does it. I suppose she likes seeing things upside down.

Gosh golly I love that nugget!

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