Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cards

So I'm having a bit of a Grinch moment. Well, an inadvertent Grinch moment. 

We didn't send out a Christmas card this year...actually, we never send out a Christmas card. I figure we don't have a kid, we don't have a dog, we don't even have a plant. Nobody wants to get a holiday card from our two ugly mugs. Not to mention the last good picture of the two of us was at our wedding.  

The past 2 weeks have been a Christmas card jackpot at our house. I open our little mail cubby (no individual mail boxes, it is clustered with 10 of your closest neighbors- P.O. box style) and Christmas cards and holiday greetings just shoot out. It's glorious!! I forgot what it's like to get a piece of mail that isn't a credit card offer, bill, or sale paper. 

I've really enjoyed seeing everyones family photos, and reading about how everyone is doing, especially since we can't see friends and family whenever we want. I mean most of this I already know/see on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Skype, etc., but there's something about opening that envelope! Which leads me to the point of my Grinch moment. Here I am enjoying these holiday greetings thinking "these are so great....Daniel, look how big Sar.....oh crap, I bet everyone thinks we're cranky holiday card haters." I realized that if I enjoy getting all these holiday cards maybe folks do wanna see our ugly mugs.

So I'm sorry for being a holiday card Grinch. Seeing as Christmas eve officially starts in 8 hours Pacific time, please accept this as the 2010 Hare Family Christmas card.....

(done in homage to my new favorite blog du jour, Hyperbole and a Half, that my co-worker Lisa got me hooked on!)

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I love it! We didn't send out cards either for the very reason you have also. I think we might next year...but I am sad because we didn't get any except for Lea's...I guess that means we aren't well like :(

  2. Hahahahahah! Love the Hyperbole and a Half homage :) Well done! And, sic'em Bears!


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