Thursday, December 2, 2010

My favorite day.... "hairdo day"!!! (well one of my favorite days at least!)

Betcha thought I was gonna say Christmas. I look forward to going to the salon every six weeks for many reasons. First because it's been 5 weeks and 6 days since my last appointment and my roots are beyond unbearable. You should've seen some of the looks my ponytail got last night at the gym. Think Madonna circa 1984. Need a refresher???

Yep. That's the ponytail (well pretty darn close at least!).

I also enjoy the 2 hours of chatting about anything and everything non-work related with the gals at the salon and their clients. And let us not forget the take your troubles away- answer to world peace-uber relaxing salon shampoo! Followed by the blow dry and style that leaves your hair looking and feeling glorious, that I, using the exact same products at home, can never seem to replicate. "Hairdo day" is a  holiday alright....a holiday that happens 8.666666666 times a year.

Having moved a couple of times I have had a few stylists in my day (no mom, you do not count as a stylist for my crooked "short" haircut in the 3rd grade.), many who have had to correct a DIY color job (sorry Rita!) and all having to put up with my mind changing every visit. "I'm growing it out... let's do bangs... chop it all off.... I think it's time to go brown".....the list is endless. Today's post is for the wonderful women (and men) who stand on their feet all day, listen to everyone's life story (which usually includes more details than they want to know!), and resist the urge to just shave our heads bald when we are too picky or indecisive. Thanks for keeping our hair so luxuuuurrrrrrious!

and just for giggles I give you the mom cut........

I love how my bangs look like the edge of a torn piece of paper! (I still love you mom! Hehe!)


1 comment:

  1. 1. i left a comment on my blog in response to your comment.
    2. i seriously doubt your hair looked like that picture!! you're nuts.
    3. i haven't had my hair cut since July. is that not insane?! but i am growing it out and im afraid if i go ill say chop it. cause i do that. i'm always doing something. i'm now thinking of getting colored full time with a dark brown to drown out the enormous amounts of red and blonde (no clue!) that are growing in. it's creeping me out. happy hair do day.


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