Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1

Day 1 - Introduction, recent pic & 15 interesting facts

I feel like I'm at a group therapy session...."Hi. My name is Adrienne. I blog about anything and everything because I have issues focusing, one day my kids that I don't yet have will discover this blog and be completely and utterly embarrassed and that will make all this blogging worth it."

Here's the "recentest" pic- I'm always the picture taker not the" takee"! (yes I just invented two new words) This one's from football season- one of our coaches and his wife just had the adorable little girl I'm holding. The back of that onesie has a tutu sewn on- beyond cute.  Demi looks like she's about to fall asleep. :)

15 Facts 
(whether they are interesting or not is your call)

1.) I hate having my picture taken (unless its by a pro who will take 1,000 pics, so there will be at least 1 good one, and then photoshop the weird out of me). I always have a crazy eye or bad hair or food in my teeth. Basically, I don't like it because I'm not photogenic.

2.) I always have to know where the bathroom is. Knowing I'm somewhere where there isn't a bathroom makes me have to go to the bathroom. TMI. I know. But it's a fact.   

3.) When I was in the 5th grade I was the lead role in a play at church. I thought I was a star...after all, I was an amazing singer and crazy talented actress. Then a few years ago I saw the tape (well it'd been burned to a DVD) and I finally understood how all those awful singers who are mercilessly mocked by Simon on American Idol feel. Turns out ...I was awful. It was painful to watch. At least I didn't have to find out on American Idol.

4.) I enjoy making meetings un-serious. I hate meetings where everyone's super serious, I can't handle intense. It doesn't mean I get people off task or anything...I enjoy efficiency as much as the next guy- just not serious frowney face efficiency.

5.) I give my husband a new nickname every few months or so. They have no special meaning, and the new nickname is usually a modified version of the one before.

6.) I go through food phases with meat. There are times where I won't eat beef for months. Just can't eat it. No reason.... just not feelin' it.

7.) I get scared watching Scooby-Doo cartoons.

8.) You can't leave me alone with a container of Oreos. I will eat them all. I lose all self control around those delicious cookies.

9.) I have reeeeeally good hearing. Like supersonic hearing. Which comes in handy because I'm also nosey.

10.) I might possibly be the only woman on the planet who hasn't read the twilight series. And I'm OK with that. I think it's the vampire-thing. (see #8)

11.) I work out to the most offensive gangster rap music on the planet. I once tried listening to my workout list in the car....I offended myself. I guess I really just need the beat to run to. So if I ever throw a party that you're at and I tell you to put on some music please don't choose "A's workout jams" on my iPod. K?? Thanks.

12.) I wake up everyday with a song in my head which usually becomes the shower song of the day.

13.) When I was in 5th grade I thought my forearms were hairy so I shaved them. It never really grew back. 

14.) I could watch cheesy romantic comedies all day every day until I die. And to my romantic comedy warriors who will never win an Oscar for making those movies I say "You go Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, J-Lo & Sandra Bullock!!" (Although a few of those ladies have successfully tackled the serious role and taken home an Oscar.)

15.) I eat candy that comes in assorted flavors from "worst to first." So when I get Starburst I eat yellow, orange, red then pink. 

Wow, how am I not in a mental institution??

See you tomorrow for Day 2



  2. I haven't read Twilight my opinion, the books sound horrible!


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