Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16: This could get ugly

Day 16-Dream house

When I was little Until a few years ago, I wanted to live in a big 2 story house with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms and living rooms and movie rooms and CLOSETS! Maybe like this....

Then we moved into a 2,100 square foot 2 story house (which is by no means huge but waaaay more than enough space for 2), and I quickly realized that vacuuming stairs turns this woman into a potty mouth. Everyone knows that if you cuss at an inanimate object (in this case my stairs) for being steep and short, then cuss at an appliance (my Dyson for not having a stretchy hose and bad balance) said object and appliance will hear you and conspire against you resulting in 2 bruised toes, a scraped elbow and a mark on the stairwell wall from said appliance making a run for it down the stairs.

When we first got married, my hubby moved into my place- a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 650 square foot apartment that we rented in Texas for a whopping $425 a month. (yay for college towns!). After he finished law school we moved to Oklahoma and upped our apartment size to a 2 bed 2 bath 1,000 sqft (and of course the rent went up a few hundred bucks too!).  So the house we are currently renting is the first actual "house" we've ever lived in as a couple. It's a wonderful house but we are very glad that we are only renting it because we are finding out that bigger isn't always better.

When D took the job here, I was convinced that we had to have a house big enough to entertain in and have room for when family visits. I am an idiot. I'm pretty sure we've had 1 function at our house, and at no point do we ever use one of the 2 living areas. I will say having rooms and bathrooms for guests is about the only thing I had right (oh and the kitchen is gloooorious!)! It makes me kind of mad at myself now thinking that we could be living in a smaller, older home that maybe isn't as nice but is way cheaper, and socking away a big 'ol down payment while its just us 2. I digress.

I'm thinking my dream house is definitely 1 story these days (at least as long as I'm the one cleaning it!!) !

All that to say that my idea of a dream home is less about how big, or new it is and more about how functional it is and that where ever it is that we call home is filled with healthy happy loving people!

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