Friday, February 11, 2011

If only I were...

I often wonder why people are always wishing they were the opposite of themselves. It's probably because I'm always wishing I was more (fill in the blank with everything I'm not). I have stick straight hair and have always been envious of all my friends with curls, but it seems that many of my curly-cued friends are always trying the latest way to get their hair straight. Crazy eh?

Aside from physical characteristics, I've always wished I was more of a thinker. A deep philosophical, literary, political, art savvy, thinker. I suppose it's because a good hunk of my job requires hob-knobbing with board members, donors, and administrators who are all light years smarter than I am. I'm thoroughly convinced that several folks I've met at work events have walked away from the conversation thinking that I have a mental disability. 

I'm not a "fake it til ya make it" kind of gal and sadly will never be a modern day Socrates. In fact I'm quite the opposite.

I am the girl who walks through and art museum and wonders how the people she's walking past for the 5th time can stare at a painting that long. It's pretty, I appreciate it, and now I move on.

Books have to grab me... It can't take 5 chapters to get interesting - I give it 2 chapters to keep my attention. And the only books I'll read are funny books (Chelsea Handler-ish) or President's memoirs. (do magazines count??)    

When I go wine tasting, there's no swirling and tasting "a crisp fruity bouquet with hints of cinnamon" I take a sip and it's either "awful, ehh, good, or I'll take 2 bottles please" 

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy art, wine and books. Just because I don't stare at a painting for 10 minutes to let it speak to me doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it - I just appreciate it differently.

The best part is that the things I am fascinated by and often blurt out at inappropriate moments are the most random (and often mundane) things.

I like pondering random things like the pros and cons of teleportation, who the first haircolor guinea pig was (and if  all her hair burned off), who's dumb idea it was for men of a certain social status to wear hideous powdered wigs,  how someone was smart enough to figure out that you can film something and send it through a series of wires and a picture would pop up on your screen, if Oprah and Ellen got in a fight who would win, and if there were still dowry's and arranged marriages how much would it cost my parents to have gotten George Clooney to marry me.

I mean who wouldn't wanna be at a cocktail party with me?? Lesson for the day: don't try to be someone you aren't for the sake of fitting in, you'll be surprised at how many people like you just the way you are!

Happy Friday!

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