Thursday, February 24, 2011

March Madness

If you clicked on this post expecting to read about college basketball you are sadly in for a disappointment. Although if you give my husband a call he will gladly talk "bracketology" with you for days. He was the kid on the bus with the sports page breaking down records, scores and stats the day after OU basketball games and that's one of the many reasons I love him!

No, unfortunately this March Madness has to do with the month of March and my lack of mental sanity. We have been saving our pennies to hopefully have a nice down payment for a Casa de Hare sometime in the next year and we've been doing well I suppose, but I got this half baked idea and because my husband was coerced loves me, he's agreed to go along with it. 

Here's the plan: For the month of March we only spend money on things we need

Shocking, right?!? (this is how I suckered got him on the wagon). See it sounds stone age simple until you begin to discover that "need" to you and "need" to him are worlds apart. See conversation below:

Me: "Hey let's see how many dollars we can save in March by only getting what we need- no extras."
Him: "Ok, so like no movie Sunday, no random internet lunch shopping"
Me: "Right! We'll have lunch at home or bring it to work, only dry clean the things that need to be dry cleaned, (I like to take some of my tops to the cleaners because they look prettier when the cleaners do them!) no free for all shopping at the grocery store just because it looks good. We get what we need, the end."
Him: "Wait, did you just say lunch at home or bring it to work??"
Me: "Yep."
Him: "Um, I'm not sure that's such a good idea."
Me: "well, you already said ok. C'mon it'll be fun!"
Him:(shakes head and looks at me like I'm a nutjob)

I'm going hardcore on this thing, people. It may very well be the worst month of my life but there are folks all over the place that live this way every month not because they choose to but because the have to. 

I'm excited to see how much we can save by only living with what we need. So for me that means my once a week internet purchase, my occasional mid-afternoon candy bar & Diet Dr. Pepper run with the girls at work, and my gym membership that I never use, are being put on hiatus for one month. I'm excited to cook more and get creative and bring my own snacks to work, and dust off my yoga mat. 

Not sure how I'll replace the shopping thing, but we'll take that one day at a time. 

I think our little family can use a reality check of the difference between needing something and wanting something. 

Be prepared for a "what was I thinking??" post after the first week! Wish us luck! 

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  1. I'm just now catching up, this is literally how Marshall lives every day. He has a budget for the wants- including all his beer stuff. I'm less so, but it's totally why I am painting my own walls in my house right now.

    If you ever want tips for months other than March feel free to hit him up, he loves talking about fiscal responsibility. Then we'll go to Crush after and I'll tell you how it works in reality :)


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