Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Birthday weekend list

Daniel's parents and grandparents were in town this weekend to visit and celebrate Daniel's birthday with us. I love, love, love it when family comes to town!  Daniel's family always keeps me laughing so here are just a few of the one of a kind moments from the weekend!

  • Took the fam to the coast. I mentioned I wanted to stop at Fuddy Duddy candy shop to restock my fudge supply. (I usually get 1 little half pound box every couple of months when I happen to be in or drive through Depoe Bay.) Mumo (Dan's grandmother) took charge of the ordering, and we left with literally over 3 pounds of fudge, a bag of caramel corn, turtles, and some kind of peppermint bark. Have I mentioned how much I love Mumo?
  • Our baseball team played a 4 game home series this weekend, we all attended the 1st game on Friday and got shellacked 1-10 , then we shut out the opposing team the next three games 1-0, 2-0, 10-0. The in-laws and I were not in attendance at the last 3 games. I don't think Daniel is allowing family at any more home baseball games this year.
  • Had an amazing dinner at the one "fancy" dinner place in our town. It's friggin' delish.
  • Window shopped in Newport and didn't buy a single thing! (If you know me, Mumo, and my MIL you know that's a world record of some sort and you should all be worried that the end of time is near.)
  • Ate an amazing lunch at a yummy restaurant in Nye Beach. I had a ham, brie and apple sandwich on toasted rye with some homemade Dijon-y spread. Sounds crazy but tastes like creamy, sweet, salty, toasty heaven!
  • Drove to Woodburn to go to the Tulip festival, paid 5 bucks to get in and drove out. No joke. It was decided that it was too muddy to get out of the car and no one wanted to ruin their shoes. I had my camera and lenses I was ready for a photo paradise....  here's my picture of the Tulip festival from the back corner seat of the Tahoe. *womp waaaaaa*
  • Had the best scallops I've tasted since moving to Oregon (do you see a trend with the food?) at Daniel's birthday dinner. Halfway through our meal the Governor of Oregon and his gal were seated at the table right next to us, and I spent the rest of dinner wondering if it'd be creepy to buy them a beer. The answer is yes, so I restrained myself.
  • We locked Mumo in the bathroom. Well actually, Mumo locked Mumo in the bathroom. We thought the door to the guest bathroom was broken or jammed when she couldn't get out. Turns out it was just locked.
  •  Due to our stature,age, and having been born women, my MIL and I were defaulted to the Tahoe's 3rd row seat every time we went somewhere. I believe we were almost forgotten about at at least 2 stops. But we had a blast - we laughed more than two adult ladies should :)
  • We drove around every neighborhood in town for "future home purchase parental approval". (try saying that 3 times fast). Oh, and for those of you who don't live 'round these parts....every neighborhood = 6 neighborhoods. 
  • Went shopping at the outlet mall. Daniel's dad drew the short straw and was sent in to the Coach store to drag me and my MIL out. Lucky for him we were heading out of the store as he was coming in.
  • Took the family wine tasting and once again - we left with enough wine to liquor up a herd of elephants.
  • Sunday night we went to see Source Code. We spent 1 hour and 34 minutes watching the movie, and 3 hours and 45 minutes trying to figure out what the heck we just saw.

Things you learned about our family:
1.) We buy wine and candy like we're stocking up for a nuclear meltdown.
2.) We eat out. A lot.
3.) We are never at a loss for laughter
4.) We each gained 90 lbs this weekend.
5.) I never got a picture of everyone together so you get to look at inanimate objects.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend.

    I marched in the tulip festival parade in Holland Michigan one year, I don't ever remember seeing an actual tulip!

  2. i'll be putting up my questions post tomorrow. :)

    i like your weekend a little bit better than mine. thank goodness i get to try again. only i think my weekend will consist of sleeping in.


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