Monday, April 18, 2011

A list...

Because I'm a list-maker and because I need to know that I'm not a complete moron I present you with the weekend recap.......

We had a good married people weekend. In the words of the great Will Ferrell in Old School (minus the beer-bonging of course)....

It went a little something like this.....

We pulled weeds. And by weeds, I mean half of our 20 foot by 8 foot front yard is now giant patches of dirt. It looks like a wild pack of groundhogs (as opposed to those domesticated groundhogs...wth??) threw a party in our dinky front yard.

Ate cake for dinner. Twice. Waste not want not.

Planted more grass seed in the yard's "bald spots."

Cussed at the yard for not being green, thick and weed-free like all of our neighbor's yards.

Hit up Goodwill for my first time as a shopper (I'll post on that one later this week!) Daniel saw a 'Live, Laugh, Love' sign and said "Hey, that's just like one we have sitting around somewhere." I said "Daniel....that is the one we had sitting around- I donated it 2 weeks ago."

Scoured Wal-marts and Best Buys so that Daniel could test out the Nook color e-reader thingy. Neither store had one out to play with so he went home and ended up ordering one online....that will get here in a week. Why we didn't just run back into town and buy one- I'm still trying to figure out.

Went to church and apologized for cussing at the yard and prayed for the grass to grow back. Quickly.

Cooked and baked up a storm. My happy place! Made me feel accomplished, until I looked out the window and saw the sad sack that is our front yard.

Thought about going for a run. Then remembered I had cake that needed to be eaten.

Apologized to our landlord for butchering his yard 3 weeks before he puts it back on the market. maybe I am a complete moron, and maybe hiring a yard service is in my near future. That is, if they don't all laugh me out of town when they see they'd be maintaining a yard the size of a pack-n-play. The quote will be what, like $1.50 a week?? I'm sure we can fit that in our budget.

Happy Monday night!

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of last summer when out of the blue my husband and I decided we just HAD to landscape. We sweat like pigs and hurt for a month afterwards... a month was exactly how long it took for the grass we planted in the bare spots to grow.

    Good luck.

    Hope you're not aching for weeks.


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