Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

The pregnancy books say it's not a "real" symptom of being knocked up. They claim that there's no medical evidence that being pregnant makes you dumber. They say you are more forgetful most likely because you are always thinking about the baby. I am here, my friend, to tell you that's crap.

Pregnancy brain is real. It has to be, because if it isn't that just means I'm dumb- and I'm not ready to live with that diagnosis. See proof below.

In the last 5 months I have......
  • pulled off the greatest parallel parking job in my life. Got out of the car and halfway to the office to realize I hadn't locked the car. When I couldn't find the keys to lock the car I had  just gotten out of, I suddenly realized they were still in the ignition.....and the car was still on.
  • made homemade potato soup with a few extra potatoes I'd baked a few nights before. Went to taste test it to see if it was ready, thought it was missing something only to turn around and see the potatoes sitting on the cutting board. 
  • Pulled up at the gas station (with the gas light on and gas meter thingy below the red line) only to discover I forgot my wallet. And in Oregon you don't pump your own gas, so I shared this nugget of shame with a nice college kid gas attendant who, rightfully, looked at me like I was a moron as I looked at him and said "full tank, regulllll....aaaaah crap, I forgot my money. Nevermind." and drove off.
  • Completely spaced on a office meeting (I was 30 min late and just chatting it up in the admin. building across campus, when I'd figured out I was supposed to be in a meeting) luckily my boss didn't yell at me. 
  • I have sat and made a detailed grocery list, then immediately driven to the grocery store, grabbed a cart and realized the list was still on the kitchen table. Twice.
  • Washed the same load of laundry twice. You'd think opening the washer and seeing wet clothes would signal "these have been washed". But no.
  • I have also put wet clothes from the washer into the dryer tossed in the dryer sheet, shut the door and come back an hour later only to find soaking wet clothes. (helps if you hit the start button).
  • Driven home and left my purse in the office overnight. Took my keys and my phone and completely left the purse.
And that is sadly, just the tip of the iceberg. So don't let anyone tell you it isn't a real symptom, because I am living proof. :)


  1. Yes, pregnancy brain is REAL!! Unfortunately, it does not completely go away once the kid is born... I'm pretty convinced I used to be a lot smarter before these two little guys came into my life! But my memory is bad now too, so who knows?!

  2. I can vouch for Kristin in that it doesn't completely go away after baby is born. Example: I showed up for my post partum dr appt at 11:15, when the lady at the window said "did you know your appt was at 10:30?" "crap!"

    Not fun!

  3. It's REAL! The writers must have never been pregnant! Kristen, I feel ya... I actually showed up for a Dr. appt on the wrong week! I STILL forget to hit the start button on the dryer!
    And Yeah... I totally agree ... It doesn't go away after birth, just fades a little and the reason does change to the pre-occupation with the kid. And why not we are after all trying to keep a small, helpless, precious human being alive AND hopefully not totally make huge irreversible life-altering mistakes along the way so that it at least has a chance to grow into a person who .... and ..... and .....


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