Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to work!

So the communications major in me is really coming out these last few weeks at the office.

I don't want all the hard work I've done to go by the wayside and I don't want the next director wading through years of old crap and essentially having to start from scratch like I did, so I'm leaving him/her a manual or a media guide of sorts.

I've put together a general calendar so the new me isn't blindsided when they find out they have to order a $300 plaque from the worst company on the planet thinking 6 weeks lead time would be optimal, only to learn said terrible company doesn't know how to return a call, send a proof before 12 business days have passed, or return a timely e-mail and that he/she probably should have began the process at least 12 weeks earlier so the company could go ahead and send a guy out to the forest to start cutting the tree the wood is going to come from. Just so all the plaques on the wall in the student center all look the same.

The calendar comes complete with extra info like :

  • contact Jane Doe at Business Name omitted cause I'm not that mean  to get the Alumni Award Of Excellence order started 
    • This is quite possibly the worst company you will ever deal with so be prepared to do a lot of calling, and e-mailing. If you are bugging the crap out of them you aren't doing enough and your award won't arrive on time.  
Yep. That's my manual. I also included a list of helpful folks on and off campus. Vendors we use, alumni volunteers, and folks around campus the new me will be working with often. The roster includes what area they will be helpful, their phone and e-mail and their name, complete with the phonetic pronunciation of their names if needed, just like in an athletic media guide.

The way I see it the next guy may think I'm a complete and utter nut job, but at least folks on campus will be glad he can pronounce their names right.

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