Sunday, December 11, 2011

Delayed turkey day update and my awesome niece

Our house has been decorated and we have been enjoying our lights and tree since a week or so before thanksgiving. And yes, I've been forcing anyone who is in my office, car, or home to listen to holiday music. All the time.

Daniel and I got to head up to Washington to spend thanksgiving with my sister, her husband and my niece. They recently moved from the metro DFW area up to a small town outside of Tacoma, Washington where they have 6 acres near Mt. Rainier, complete with hens. You can read all about their adventures in the woods on my sister Danielle's blog Mossy Trees. We enjoyed getting away for the night, spending time with family, and of course being entertained by my niece, Sabrina, who is 8.

Bri is unlike any other little girl I've ever known. In her exact words " I'm not really a girly-girl yet, I'm a sci-fi geek. I like star wars." She loves playing with legos, drawing, writing, painting anything where she can utilize her ginormous imagination. Don't get me wrong, she has her girly moments- she'll take out her american girl doll a few times a year, and likes to dress up now and then and even went to her first cheerleading clinic this year. She put on a holiday concert for us, complete with tickets, opening act, and a program.

In her "concert" attire

"jingle bells"

one of her dress up outfits!

I love that she's independent, she's not shy, and that she kind of doesn't care what you think is cool and not cool. I wish I were more like her when I was younger. I asked what was on her Christmas list and she brought out a list with 30 lines and only a few filled out. Her list consisted of the following:
  • a trampoline (I naturally assumed it was one of those huge ones for the backyard her reply..."no just a little one to go into my art studio, sometimes I just need to jump" she wants one of those exercise ones!)
  • a stuffed chicken (like a stuffed animal chicken, but it has to have curly feathers - good luck with that one Santa)
  • pendulum balls (upon further investigation I discovered she wants one of those contraptions you get at sharper image that goes on your desk with the metal balls that click back and forth...don't ask me why. See photo evidence below.)
  • photo
  • clothes that are red - according to Bri while she likes pink and purple Nana gets her too much pink and purple stuff and her favorite color is red so she'd like more red in her wardrobe.
She cracks me up!

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