Friday, March 16, 2012

Random thoughts

Just thought I'd share a peek into my crazy head. A few things that have crossed my mind over the past few days:

  • The first 2 days of March Madness are the greatest! To me it's what college sports are all about. A chance for the little guy to beat the big guy, where everyone brings their A game and leaves it all out on the court. Not to mention 32 games played over 2 days televised across 4 channels (thank you CBS for ditching the Direct TV deal and opting for one where both cable and satellite people can watch any game no matter where they live). Sadly the play-in games don't count as the first of the tourney to me. I watch them but it doesn't really start for me until you have the insanity of channel flipping, and trying to work/eat during media timeouts, halftimes cause you don't want to miss a second. 
  • Making friends as an adult is hard. It was so easy as a kid- probably because kids tend not to need much in common to be friends "You have a bike?? I have a bike too! We'll be best friends forever!" See how easy that was? As an adult you have things like work and different life stages and a lifetime of values and beliefs that seem to make it way harder. Now to find couple friends you have to not only meet someone you like and have things in common with, but you have to hope that your spouse and their spouse like hanging out too. Sadly, the only thing Daniel and I like is watching sports and eating (and board/card games). It's like putting out a wanted ad for boring people ha ha! "If you and your husband are sedentary - we wanna hang out with you!"   
  • I'm a little disappointed that instead of humming top 40 songs or songs I've recently listened to on my iPod, I am constantly catching myself humming the stupid tunes from all of Brooklyn's musical toys
  • I have 7 pounds left to get back to my pre-preggo weight. I gained about 35 during the pregnancy and 28 of the pounds gradually fell off without too much effort until about week 5 or 6 where it came to a screeching halt at 7 pounds left and I have been stuck there ever since. So this week I decided that in addition to skipping my daily Oreo snack time, I've been using BK's morning playtime to get in some exercise. While we are kickin' it on her activity mat for her play and tummy time, I work in leg lifts, planks and crunches. :) Maybe next week I'll start adding in arm exercises during one of her naps.... 
  • It seriously needs to stop raining. It's crazy how the sun will pop out for 20 min and I'll stop what I'm doing, grab the nugget and get in a walk around the block. I need sunshine.
  • I wish Modern Family and New Girl had new episodes on every day! By far the best new shows in a really long time.
  • I'm tired of wearing maternity jeans (my hips are about an inch too wide for my zipper and while I hope they go back so I can wear my jeans/skirts/dress pants again- I'm not wearing these dadgum jeans anymore) so I ordered 10 pair of jeans in different sizes and styles online. It's now easier to have the $8 million come out of my bank account try them all on at home on my own time and return the ones that don't fit than to load up the kid, drive 30 min to town and spend hours trying on jeans cramped in a fitting room with a stroller and having to stop to feed, change diapers etc. Now let's just pray I can find a pair or 2 I like. 


  1. We're SUPER boring, we should hang out. The biggest hurdle will be deciding who gets to host, because it means less leaving of the house....

    1. Bahaha! We should- and it's even more sad that we literally live like a half mile from each other. We need to do a game night soon for sure!


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