Monday, April 16, 2012

The last seven pounds.

As I've mentioned before I'm stuck with my last seven pounds of baby weight. It's. driving. me. nuts. So I figured I need some accountability and what better accountability than the interwebs! I'm attacking this last seven with a fierceness and a plan. I'm putting the fat on notice: it has 4 weeks to vacate my body!

Here's my plan:

Instead of depriving myself of sweets, sodas and take out  I will be "excessively limiting" myself. Because I know I'd be able to do the hardcore thing for a week or 2 but then one day my husband will come home to find me next to an empty bag of Double Stuf Oreos (because let's face it - regular Oreos should be called Diet Oreos) saying "but I was just going to have one" and all hope will be lost. I just want to tweak my habits a bit. I'm turning my soda a day habit to a soda a week habit. Going from having some type of sweet every day to only treating myself once maaaaybe twice a week. Moderation is the name of the game my friends.

Except when it comes to getting off this tush. NO more excuses with that one (I used my entire pregnancy as an excuse to not move a muscle for 9 months). I'm no longer letting rain be an excuse not to get out and walk, that's why they make rain covers for strollers and waterproof jackets for moms. Making a point to do strength and core workouts 5 days a week during Brooklyn's morning nap. I'll also be doing a Zumba workout 3 times per week.

I'm tired of complaining about my jiggliness while eating a cupcake. It's time to stop complaining and start sweating.

The hardest part for me is motivation and accountability. Brooklyn doesn't to so well in holding me accountable (ha ha!) so it's easy for me to be distracted during her naps by pinterest and twitter and such so I'm using the pressure of a reasonable deadline and the potential internet shame as my accountability partner and motivator. I'll post my sad before picture today and each week I'll post an update. At the end of 4 weeks I will post the "after" photo which will hopefully show me 7 lbs lighter! :)

So without further adieu- here is my starting photos, weight and measurements (wow- I can't believe I'm posting this on the internet. This confirms it. I really am crazy.).


Date: 4/16/12     Height: 5' 5"      Weight: 140.6 lbs
Waist: 37 in.     Arm:11 in.        Thigh: 23 in.
Like my "scary" face? Hehe!

Ok- well after seeing that nightmare- I'm going to get crackin'. Wish me luck!


  1. GOOD LUCK! If you go for walks around the neighborhood shoot me a text, I would LOVE To join you

  2. I dropped pounds and started eating healthier using an app called My fitness pal.It rocks and even has a barcode scanner (for when you have to have those double stuffed oreos!)
    By the way my 4 year old walked past the Oreo 100 anniversary display at the store today and said he wanted some and I said no they are bad, besides mommy will eat the whole package in one sitting! LOL
    You can do it!!

  3. This way you also never have to wait for your turn to exercise on your favorite abdominal exercise machines. If you make the choice of exercising from home, you can choose for multiple fitness tools or you can acquire a complete fitness machine that trains the whole body.

  4. I just lost 11 lbs and like 13 inches off my body with Advocare!! its def a change but I feel amazing and have so much energy!!


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