Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 11 months!

I know... eleven months! With Christmas coming up I kind of had forgotten that she turns 1 oh- like 2 weeks later, so I've been playing catch up this week with 1st birthday party planning.
So here's what's been going on this past month. We don't have another well-baby appointment until she's 1 so I did the at home measure and weigh.
Weight: 21 pounds
Length: 29 ish inches

We have a ton this month! She just started cutting her 4th tooth a few days ago. She can pull herself up from sitting to standing all by her lonesome. Of course the first week she'd learned that she didn't know how to go from standing back to sitting so she'd just start yelling at you when she was ready to sit back down.
I love this one- she looks like some guy from Jersey after getting cut off
We are starting to just let her try stuff from the table and she is really enjoying getting to eat some of the same things we eat finally. She loves any kind of steamed or roasted veggies, pasta, bread, fruit, I've yet to find something she doesn't like and am hoping it stays that way.
She is a little parrot these days. She'll try to repeat anything you say. She can make lots of animal noises (see video below) she says "UH-OH" when she drops something, "GUUH" when she's eating something good, and "WHH-KEEE" which is my brother and sister-in-law's dog Wookie.

She can "pat it, and roll it" when we do pat-a-cake and she can show you where her ears, teeth, and nose are. She is currently obsessed with pulling herself up on anything we will let her, tearing up catalogs and circulars, and crawling everywhere as fast as those chunky little legs will go.
While she's still sleeping a solid 11 hours a night I'm noticing that her morning naps are getting shorter (from 2 hours to 1) so I'm thinking we are moving toward just the 1 two-hour afternoon nap soon.

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  1. Oh my little blue eye crazy hair monster!!!! I mISS YOU! LOVE the animal sounds! Lion - sooo cute.


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