Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Brooklyn!

Holy moly cannoli!

How did this happen? How is it that 1 year ago I was in Corvallis meeting our sweet B in person for the first time? What a year it has been! Our little nug has completely and utterly stolen our hearts.

1st Bath given by her daddy
I'm 1!
She hasn't had her 12 month well-baby yet but according to our scale at the house she's about  21.5 pounds, is 30 inches long and has 5 teeth (and based on her clingy-ness and drool I'm thinking #6 is on it's way)!

I love watching her personality grow. She's a very determined little girl who will figure out a way to get what she wants (which in most cases is either your phone, the remote, or whatever you are eating). She's got a little but of rebellion in her (Wonder where she gets that from? he he!) She loooves to dance. She's been such a happy, easy baby. Sleeping through the night and napping like a rock star and is really only crabby when she's tired. I love the the way she takes everything in. If you hand her something she's never held before she will turn it and turn it inspecting every inch.

She's just now cruising a little along the furniture, and she likes to try to repeat everything you say even though it's always just one syllable. Football is "baa" Remote is "mOt" and donkey "kee".

She didn't want to sit.
for pictures.
And then I lured her with the Peek-a-boo barn app
Best app when you are out of tricks...mommy FTW!
I remember before having B people always saying how once you have kiddos you view life differently. Boy is that the truth. All of the sudden you are responsible for this tiny person- and you are overwhelmed with how protective, and happy, and tired, and worried, and nervous and most of all how intensely you love this little human. So far the past 365 days we've experienced many lessons, a big health scare, several sleepless nights, and more laughs and smiles than we could ever count. Our hearts are full and we are still amazed and beyond thankful that God has entrusted you to us. Happy birthday Scooby, we love you sooooooo much!


  1. Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!

    (and on another note, do you say "donkey" often?)

  2. Happy birthday, Brooklyn!!!! She's a tiny dream, Age.


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