Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brooklyn is 2!

2 whole years have passed since we welcomed this little human into the world.
Kellie Parry Photography

and now we have this.
Alison Frenzel Photography

This year has been a year FULL of new things, new discoveries, new clothes (she's growing so fast!), new independence, new words, new lessons and new boundaries, and new laughs.

I can no longer cradle her whole little body in my arms in a sleepy heap on my chest for hours a day, but rather (when she lets me) let her climb in my lap to read a story or fix her hair for school. And sometimes, when she wants her mommy, will hold up her hands and say "I hold you!" to which I happily oblige. As her long legs dangle from my hip and only her head now fits on my shoulder, I have quickly learned to savor every single second of these ever so short baby and now toddler stages.

Brooklyn has grown up so, so much even since her 18 month post. Here are just a few of her milestones:

She is really good with a fork and spoon, although she still often chooses to use her hands especially at the beginning of the meal, as using a fork and spoon takes too long to get the food in her mouth. She still eats like a champ and will eat anything at least once. She's also mastered what she calls "Cookie Monster"-ing her food. When there are just a few bites of something left she'll sometimes look up, grin, then grab what's left on her plate by the handful and shove it in her mouth. Then look up with a stuffed face and say proudly "Cookie Monster! Nom! Nom! Nom!" 

She now is using lots of full sentences, usually to boss a toy (or a parent).  She says her prayers on her own without prompting and it's always an adventure to hear what she's thankful for. She's also acquired a thick Texas accent in the last few weeks and neither of us have one so we're a little stumped as to why she now says:

"Baby Chah-lee go ta BAY-ed" (baby Charlie go to bed) 
"Mo' br-ayy-ed" (more bread)
"Mommy! I bonk a HEY-ah-ed" (Mommy I bonked my head)

Her memory is ridiculous. She meets someone once and will see them months later and remember their name. She knows where she is. When we exit I-35 at 17th and 18th street she always asks if we are going to school, then if we say no, asks if we are going to church (both places are off the same exit). She knows when we've turned on to our street, or either of her grandparents streets and happily yells "Hee we ahh! (Here we are!)." Every time we drive by a certain furniture store she yells "New Couch!" as it's the place we took her once to buy our new furniture.

She's really started to pretend and use her imagination. She plays and interacts with her toys, puts them to bed, feeds them, puts them in time out, cooks meals in her play kitchen for them. I love seeing her nurturing and caring for them. She adores coloring and "paintin' pitchers". She sings all. the.time. and has starting re-mixing songs. Her newest is to mix old McDonald into any part of a song she forgets the words to. (Over Christmas she'd sing Jingle Bells and get halfway through the verse then just throw in an E-I-E-I-OOO for good measure). When a song comes on that she likes she can't contain her excitement. She turns in to a jumping, dancing, squealing ball of happy.

She knows all her shapes and letters, counts accurately to about 16 (but thinks she can count to 20) lol. She knows how to get to, open, play, and close all of her apps on both of our phones (yikes!) and she can halfway dress herself! She's great at her socks and surprisingly her shoes (she usually gets the correct feet!), shes a pro at putting on her pants, but gets really frustrated at shirts. She rarely wets her diaper at night anymore and uses the potty every morning and we are working on using it during the during the day as well.

Brooklyn is definitely a feelings girl. When she is excited, she can hardly contain her squeal and she physically shakes with excitement. When she's mad or frustrated she yells and usually throws her toy or sock or whatever isn't doing what she wants. When she's happy (which is thankfully 88% of the time) her eyes twinkle, she has a huge grin and she walks with a little gallop in her step. When she's tired or sad or scared the tears come easily and the "I hold yous" become more frequent. I love that about her and I love that you never have to guess with her- she'll tell you. She's testing and exploring her boundaries like every toddler should and we are hopefully showing her firmly but lovingly where those boundaries are. I love that our laughs greatly outnumber the timeouts!
Here's her official school picture lol!
Happy 2nd birthday sweet BK! I love praying with and over you and am constantly in awe that God would entrust me with such a precious creation.

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