Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A 3rd birthday letter to Brooklyn


What a character you are becoming! This year you became a big sister and after the 1st few weeks of uncertainty and meltdowns, you realized that being a big sister was pretty cool! I love the way you always want to be there to wake him up or help with changings. You tell us when you think he's hungry or tired. You remind us to clap and cheer for him when he does something new and how you seem to be the only one he absolutely adores. I pray that bond grows as you both grow.

This year you moved to a big girl bed, nearly potty trained yourself, learned to pedal your tricycle without help (steering is a whole other beast!), moved up to the 3-4 year old dance class, are learning to play games (and becoming excellent at puzzles!), and have become a leader in your class at school, even if that means sometimes it's not always the best influence!!

I love that even at the young age of 3 I can see some of the strengths and giftings that God has given you! You are a helper, always wanting to lend a hand, whether with feeding or changing brother, helping mommy sort laundry, or helping to make dinner. I love hearing "Oh- mommy wait! I want to be your helper!!" and seeing you running at me full-force! I see how you help and show Griffin how to do things like rolling over or clapping and reassure him that "Maybe when you get big Griff- you can do it too!"

I love (and truthfully, sometimes dislike) that you are determined to accomplish what you set your mind to. As you attempt to dress your dolls yourself, then yell "I can't DO IT!" you continue to try through the tantrum and eventually ask for help. What I love most is that afterwards you try again and to see the expression on your face when you FINALLY do it yourself is priceless! You definitely get that from your daddy cause your mommy is a quitter!

You are such a hoot to be around and I appreciate that like your mommy you like to be silly and lighthearted. I see you learning to not let the little things bother you (learning to be gracious in defeat, not freaking out if you don't get dessert and others do etc.) and that's hard for a toddler!

Daddy and I continue to pray that you grow to know, love, and serve the Lord, that you would be a woman of great integrity, leadership and grace. We also pray that we would be parents who truly make Christ the center of our home and not something we discuss just on Sundays and holidays. That our Faith is the cornerstone of our family and that we would be examples of Christ-like love to you and your siblings.

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl!


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