Friday, September 25, 2015

Dylan is 3 months


Height: 24 1/4 inches
Weight: 13 lbs

We are slowly emerging from the sleep-deprived haze of the newborn phase and creeping into the more fun baby phase and I couldn't be happier. She rounded out the NB phase with a dose of hand foot and mouth so kindly shared with her by Griffin. (Who also gave it to me! Yes adults can get it and it SUCKS.)


Eating -she's at 5oz each feeding and is close to dropping from 6 to 5 feedings a day it just depends on how well her naps are.

Sleep-wise she typically gives us at least a 7 hour stretch and about 2 sometimes 3 nights a week, she will go about 9-10 hours. She's super easy to feed and put down during those night/early morning wakings so it makes them easy knowing you won't be up for hours with her at 2 am it's more like 30-40 min.

Nap time is hit and miss still. Getting her to sleep at nap has gotten easier and there have even been a few times this month where she's fallen asleep on her own, but staying asleep is the tricky part. She'll take 1 great (2+ hour) nap a day but the rest of her naps are all over the place (some only 20 min) and there's really no schedule or solid pattern yet which makes me twitchy but she's the boss, so...

We have finally gotten over the "crying more than happy" hump! It's so nice to be able to set her down for 20 min and her be happy and cooing while she plays on her mat.

She rolls on to her side all the time and has even rolled from back to tummy a few times this past week!

I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope knowing that one day there will be no more diapers and they will all be able to feed and dress themselves. For now I (and my back) are just happy we no longer have to pace the floor with a screaming baby for 5-7 hours a day.

Loves: Bathtime, when you come it to get her out of her crib after naps (biggest grin ever!), being held all the time lol!

Not so much: falling asleep on her own, waiting in the car line to pick up sister from school.

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