Monday, May 9, 2016

Griffin turns 2!

Oh buddy!

This year went warp speed with Dylan being added to the mix. I sometimes feel a little sad that I maybe didn't get to cherish and savor some of Griffin's 2nd year milestones and moments like I would have wanted to, but seeing his adoration for his sisters reminds me that there are many more moments to come and I'm sure I've hung on to enough haha! 
Griffin ADORES his sisters! He lights up when one of them walks into the room or when we pull up to Brooklyn's school he starts yelling "Yay! Sissy's 'kool!!!" 

Griffin is our happy camper! He has a bounce (literally) in his step wherever he goes. He is down for anything as long as it involves being around people and being free to roam. He has such a sweet disposition (except when he's hungry then he literally lays on the floor and cries like you stole his dog.) and is my kid who stops to wave at every car that passes, or walks up to strangers and pats them to say hi. He's quick to apologize, hug it out, and be best buddies and he's so far been a go with the flow guy.

He still sleeps like a champ! He takes a 2-3 hour nap and sleeps from 7:30-7. He eats all the time and could eat his weight in fruit. Protein, eh, not so much but hey, he's a pretty diverse eater for 2 years old.

 He wakes up dry several mornings a week but is too focused on getting to the breakfast table to bother with trying to sit on the potty. He's still in his crib and I have no plans to move him anytime soon haha! 

He has taken off with his verbal development and is trying 4 word sentences. I can usually only understand half but hey he's trying! He can count to 6 and loves to dance. He loves puzzles and is finally willing to sit and read a book from start to finish. He could spend hours pushing a cart or stroller around- Practicing backing it up, maneuvering it around corners,turning it around Etc.

He has grown leaps and bounds just since his 18 month post! Praying this year that God would help us to always be pointing Griffin to Jesus! We love you Griff!!!!

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