Friday, July 8, 2016

Dylan's 1st Birthday!

One whole year! What kind of warp speed planet are we living in? It doesn't help that I'm posting this like 2 weeks after her birthday either- HA!

Ok stats then fun stuff!

Height: 29 in
Weight: 20.2 lbs of spitfire

She's got 10 teeth, and she's standing on her own. (she's taken her 1st steps but that happened after her 1st bday so it'll be officially logged in her 13 month stats lol). She's dropped to 2 bottles a day -one before nap and one before bed. I give her milk in the morning and she likes it ok but never drinks more than an ounce or 2. I'll be slowly adding more milk to her formula so we will hopefully be done with the million dollar formula this month!

Homegirl can EAT. she eats nearly anything and everything you put in front of her and always seems to be up for eating. She generally sleeps 6:30-6:30 but has woken up a few nights here and there most likely because she's been cutting teeth like a madwoman. She is already down to 1 nap a day so I feed the kids lunch and put Griffin and Dylan down for their naps she'll sleep from noon-2 sometimes 3.

She gives hugs and kisses and does so with gusto. Hugs get a little loving grunt and pats on the shoulder and kisses get "MWAH!" and slobber! She can say Mama, Dada, Pool, No, and nod her head yes when asked if she wants something. She can moo and bark lol.

She loves upbeat music and will dance when it comes on. She's feisty and will stand her ground even with her older siblings. You can be building her a block tower and her siblings can be building their own and she will go out of her way to go knock theirs down, then laugh about it. She has this high pitched yell she does when she doesn't get her way. She is fearless and I always have to hold her with both arms as she's always trying to lunge for all the things. She is a go getter and very determined little girl who won't put up with anyone's crap.

That said, she's also pretty in tune with reading feelings and faces. Certain looks and tones from people will bring tears, while other tones get her giggle going. I remember finding out I was pregnant with her and crying, then crying harder because I already felt as if I'd failed her by not being excited about this surprise pregnancy. I 100% believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God knew I wanted another baby and he also knew that my fear and anxiety had me thinking after Griffin that there was no way I'd have another kiddo out of my body.  This little surprise baby has fulfilled the desires of my heart. Her siblings and Daddy adore her and the feeling is mutual. Praying God's will is fulfilled in her life. We love you DeeDee!

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