Monday, January 9, 2017

Brooklyn is 5!!

Oh my sweet firstborn! How did you turn 5 today?

You have lost your baby/toddler look and are a full on big kid now! You've moved on to a real kid bike (with training wheels), you don't need our help to swing, and you've outgrown all of the toddler sized play structures in our backyard.

You are an amazing big sister - always showing Dylan and Griffin how to do things, helping them with zippers, or giving them a boost on to the couch or up the slide. I love that even when they come and mess up your work you use your words (even if they are piercingly loud words) and rarely ever push or hit out of frustration. I love that you are quick to forgive.

I love the way you are enjoying the competition of games but after winning will move my game piece to the finish line so that I can "win" too. When you include a friend from school or teacher who was out sick in your prayers it makes my heart full seeing the little ways you think of others.

I'm fascinated at the things you learn and the excitement that you have for learning and for reading. I hope that excitement stays with you your entire life. Seeing the joy on your face as you finished reading your 1st book all by yourself last week was one of my favorite memories.

I'm beginning to see you've inherited some of my anxiety and while a little nervousness is healthy I pray that your daddy and I can model well for you that with Jesus there is a courage and a peace that can overcome any fear or worry.

You have compassion for others, are a seeker of justice, have a thirst for knowledge,  a desire to inform others, an incredible memory, and a tender heart. We love you Beeks and pray blessings over your 5th year!

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