Monday, November 29, 2010

Learning Curve

You may have noticed lately that my blog header keeps changing. I wanted to be able to change my blog header whether it be for the season or to match my mood or because I'm indecisive. One week I want girly, next I want modern, no! (all the more reason my blog title suits me so well) .

I enjoy blogging and wanted my blog to look original and fun. I know there are very talented folks out in cyber-space who can make you custom blog headers, buttons, backgrounds, signatures-etc....for a price. Some affordable... some pricey. And therein lies the problem...I don't want to have to pay every single time I want to change it up a bit (and I don't want to wait 1-6 weeks to do it. Did I mention I was indecisive aaand impatient?? I poor husband!) Therefore I have started the journey of teaching myself (with Google as my assistant) graphic design 101...well more like digital scrapbooking to put on a blog.

So join me on my journey (and let me know what you hate, like or if you see something misspelled!) of learning! As you can see I started really basic:

and have learned a few new things in the last few weeks:

Sadly, one of them isn't how to center things or get rid of the white edges when I re-size the width in the middle of my project (see current header hehe!). Heck, it may not be possible to re-size in the middle of the project! (and you will all know if and when I figure that one out!)

I pre-apologize for any clashing colors, wonky patterns, bad fonts etc. you may be witness to in the coming weeks. Just think of it as your laugh for the day!



  1. Let me know if you need any help. On way to get rid of the white as a png not a jpg. Also before saving, crop down as close to the edge of the header as possible.

  2. yay! thanks i need a good tutorial!


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