Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27: PETS!!!

Day 27-Pets

As you all might already be aware of we do not have a pet. We'd like to have a pet but we are renting and are not allowed to have a pet. I'm a fan of pets. Except pet snakes, spiders, and small rodents. The rest of the pets are fine. 

We drove by a farm that raises buffalo the other day. 
I told my husband to get me one. 
He rolled his eyes. 
I was on my phone googling buffalo stats.
I know those particular buffalo are being raised to be someone's dinner.
I still want one as a pet.

I visit the same webpage for a great no kill shelter in Portland ( every week to see who's new and who's been adopted. I drive my husband nuts-o. I show him all the dogs we have to save. Honna Lee and Mr. Chompers have been there for what I think is a loooong time, and every week that I check and they are still there I get teary eyed and tell Daniel how surely there's gotta be someone out there who'd want them! The one's who stay there the longest usually either aren't good with little kids or aren't good with other dogs/cats so they need a special home. Then Daniel looks at me like I'm crazy and we go about our day.  

Mr. Chompers
Honna Lee

So while I wait until October when I am free to get my dog and pet buffalo. I'll just let you all know that I also enjoy dog sitting. (Hey- land lord says we can't own a pet - never said we can't watch someone else's for a day or two. Booyah!) So if you'd like me to sit by your dog, or with your dog, or near your dog... I'd love to. Just know that I will treat them so well they won't wanna come home with you and they'll ask me to petition for dog custody. And I'll consider it, but for fear of losing friends will send your dog home with you.

 I mean who wouldn't wanna come home to these faces????

**doggy pics from Family Dogs New Life. Buffalo photo Naturally Native Buffalo Products***

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  1. I LOVE that you want a pet buffalo! I want a goat!


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