Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4: Mom & Dad

Day 4: Your Parents

Today is easy cheesy. My parents are awesome...crazy but awesome! I love how as you get older (or at least is the case for me) you realize how stupid you were as a teenager! I feel bad for my parents having had to raise me (at least during the high school years) . I've always been one who will fight to get my way, or in my case I was a master manipulator (or maybe I just annoyed them so much they caved). Let's just say if I would have been my parents raising me as a teen I would have punched me. Instead they just loved me through my ugly- and that's why they deserve a Nobel peace prize.

I'll start with my dad:

My dad is the hardest worker you'll ever meet. I wish I had half of his work ethic. He works on airplanes for a living. Stands on his feet for 8-14 hours a day, squished up in a gianormo airplane in the crazy Texas heat. He's good at what he does and he doesn't do things halfway. If you ask him to stay late he does. He served his country (He's retired Air Force - but I'm sure the airplanes gave it away!). He's pretty quiet, dare I say shy, especially in large groups but once you get him talking he's a hoot. He's a big kidder. He's laid back, low maintenance and it takes a lot to get him riled up...unless you're a referee at a Baylor game, then watch out!

Now for my Marmie:

My mom is one tough cookie. Because my dad worked a lot when we were kiddos, my mom inherited the role of disciplinarian. I don't know that she enjoyed it all that much as the three of us kids pushed her buttons on a daily basis! Mom is the planner, scheduler, organizer of the two. If it weren't for mom- dad would still be wearing socks from the 80's, have hair to his knees and would never go for any annual checkups. She got us to school, worked, kept the house clean and somehow managed to feed us. How she did it all is still a mystery to me. My favorite thing about my mom is that her faith in the Lord is unshakable....and she walks it every day.   

Neither of my parents ever received their Bachelors, but they made sure that us three kiddos did. They both work insanely hard to make sure that we had opportunities that they didn't have. Regardless of their formal education they are 2 of the smartest people I know. They instilled in us seeds of faith that would grow into a relationship with Christ, the value of a dollar and hard work that would grow into financially responsible hard working adults, unconditional love that would grow into our own love and respect for our spouses and children, and a myriad of other things! Love you mom and dad!!!   

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  1. Thank you for the insight! Aunt Beth reminds me alot of Grandma Bea. SShHH...don't tell her that and she even looks like her too!! haha..lol.


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