Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The dresser transformation

I'm back at it again. Just another wild idea that I had to implement! I like to use the "google method" for all of my projects....I get an idea - google it and go from there. Haha!
My hubby's family has passed along several items of furniture some of which are here. One of the items is a 6 drawer low-boy style dresser that we've been using after finally getting rid of Daniel's fake wood dresser that I think he's had since college. Eek! We like it a lot but it was a cream color and doesn't go with any of our bedroom stuff so instead of getting rid of a perfectly good dresser/tv stand I decided to attempt to spruce it up.
Before. I'd already taken out drawers & taken off hardware!

Our bedding is a wacky paisley-ish patterned bedding with bright colors in it (the rest of the house is in neutrals so I decided to have a fun colorful bedroom) yellow, aqua, red etc. I lurrrrve it.

The cream dresser didn't fit in with the funky brightness. So I lugged that bad boy downstairs to my design studio (aka the garage) took off the hardware and primed it...... 

then painted it and gave the brass hardware (which I'm a dummy and didn't to a before pic of) a coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint as well.
Painted and ready for glazing!

Then I took my first stab at glazing to make it antique-y looking. I did fine with the nooks and crannies part but need to improve on my flat surface glazing techniques.

New fun yellow dresser in our room!

I've got to figure out a better way to have the tv set up, and yes that is a white wire shelf that is supposed to go in your kitchen cabinets. Judge me. :)

I took this one so you can see the bedding a little (It was impossible to get a shot with both the bed and's the 1st time in history I've been annoyed by having a huge master bedroom) . Not an exact match, but I think if I would have done the yellow in the bedding it would have been too bright.

So there you have it folks. Yippee for Yellow!


  1. nice job! looks perfect with your bed spread

  2. I think it looks fantastic! and your glaze looks just fine to this girl!

  3. Looks fantastic! What color yellow did you use?

  4. Looks great! I have painted so many of these and I do love to glaze!

  5. Thanks! I used Krylon Bauhaus Gold. It reads more yellow in the pic than it actually is.


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