Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prom Dress Shopping

I've been on a mission. A mission to find a dress, and not just any dress.

A prom dress.

From the 80's.

Yea....that's right. The 80's.

I'd take the 90's if I had to, but I wanted the blinding hued taffeta, puffy-sleeved hideousness that is the 1980's prom dress.

Me and a few of my gal pals participated in a trivia night fundraiser for the Safe Zone chapter on our campus. Each team came up with their own name (which is dangerous) and there was a costume contest going on as well. We thought we'd 2-fer it and incorporate our costume with our team name so we needed prom dresses. Why you ask? Because our team name was "off like a prom dress." We didn't want new, fashionable, prom dresses because well it's a costume contest and there's nothing costumey about showing up to a wine bar in a trendy prom dress. We would just look like creepy cougars who were trying to cling to our youth.We wanted outlandish.

So Melissa and I made a trip to one of the local Goodwill retail stores to find the perfect dresses. I've donated a lot to Goodwill but this was my first trip in to shop. While there were some truly heinous articles of clothing, I must say Goodwill had some really nice stuff too. As a matter of fact, many of the prom dresses we saw were too current and wouldn't be very funny. The dress selection wasn't near as vintage as we'd liked but we found some glittered, too-short stunners.

Then my husband was forced bribed to join me later that same week to check out a few other Goodwill stores (because there are 5 Goodwill retail stores within a 20 mile radius of our house) Please note there are only 2 Targets within the same area. Problem??? I think so.

And that's when I saw it.

the pic doesn't do the pinkness justice!

*Cue Roxette's "The Look"*

The fuchsia, puffy-shouldered sleeves called to me from across the store.

The giant side bow screamed "Put one exactly like this in your crimped, teased side ponytail!!"

Cut to me getting in the car, grinning ear to ear, 7 dollars and 99 cents lighter and 1 hideous dress closer to the costume contest prize. (Which at this point could be a free root canal for all I know, I just know we are winning.)

So the night arrived, and I was stoked. I even make jankity homemade wrist corsages out of fake flowers, gorilla glue, and a coke zero box!

We got dressed and headed out to the car. The neighbor kids were selling lemonade on the corner...I think we scared them.  We got to Crush and walked in........

and NO ONE.......not a single. other. person. had on a costume!!! We told ourselves "It's still a little early, the costume people will come."


We were it. Turns out we didn't win the trivia contest...actually I think we may have finished dead last. Obviously, we won the costume contest. Here's our trophy.

Our dignity however, was no where to be found.

And now for my Mister Rogers moment: Even though we were the only people dressed up, it's great to know that I have awesome friends willing to drink a glass of wine and look ridiculous with me! Love ya Mel and Steph!

Anyone in the market for a fuchsia, puffy-sleeved dress? I'll ship it to' free!



  1. I have a group of friends and each month we get together to play Bunco (cause we like to pretend we're middle aged women and not young girls in our 20's I guess)

    There is always a theme, and March was 80's Prom Dress Bunco. We all dressed up. You would have been the belle of our ball.

    Oh, and pretty wildly jealous of the number of Goodwill stores in your area, I have 1 and I have to drive to a different state to get to it!


  2. The dress is great! For sure, you have worn it with the best
    designer prom accessories like gloves,prom hair and more. How I wish I could have one like this.

  3. man, i'm super bummed that you guys were the only ones dressed up! i hate that. seriously, a huge pet peeve. i think you're hair looks radical!


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