Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Need it or leave it?

Today's post is a request to you mommies out there. The interweb (as well as many retailers and baby sites full of ads) has an alarming list of baby "must haves". Apparently my kid won't survive without at least $100,000 worth of bouncers, bumbos, butt wipes, binkys and bottles. So I'd like to take a survey of sorts and all I want to know is this......

If you were to be a first time mom knowing what you now know, what are 3 things you would call "must haves" and 3 things that were a waste of money/ never used?

I know everyone has different reasons and preferences but wanted to see what pops on the lists the most. Ready......




  1. GET: reclining high chair, a good (high rated) possibly expensive but worth it thermometer, pack and play that has a THICK bassinet mattress. (and really you need a dishwasher basket for baby bottle stuff and pacifiers etc..)

    DO NOT GET: a cheap baby bed mattress, a gender specific anything that can be reused (boppy, bouncer, car seat, stroller etc...), and a PLAIN cheap back seat mirror (get one with activities or songs with a remote etc... ) and make sure you look at how it attaches in your car and then look in your car at how it attaches BEFORE you buy it.

  2. need it: favorite baby item ever is the tiny diner placemat. also love the ultimate crib sheet - it goes on top of your fitted crib sheet and just snaps to the crib rails, so that when you need to wash it, you dont have to go through the trouble of working around the bumper, lifting the mattress, etc. also love skiphop's folding changing pads.

    forget it: high chair - if i had to do it all over again, i would just do the booster seat. they're so cheap and just skip a step of the high chair. i also found the high chair a pain to clean. i wouldn't have a wipes warmer, either. i found that it dried the wipes out and rhett didnt mind the normal-temp ones.

  3. Wow good question! Okay here is what I think after two kids:
    Must: Swing, rocking chair and....good thermometer (ear kind/digital) and nose sucker. I know thats kind of 4 but the last two count as 1 :-)

    Forget-about-it: ditto to amanda, wiper warmer. infant carrier/car seat- just borrow one OR get the pads that go around them in the big ones, you just get rid of the seat in 6 months anyways. And....baby bath tub, you can use either the cheap bath sponge thing OR just the sink.

    oh and one more thing....I have owned 8 strollers..yes for reals, that is not a typo. I HIGHLY recommend spending the big bucks and getting a good one, brands like Phil & Ted (my fav), peg perego, etc. Don't do a travel system, the thing takes up your WHOLE back- even in a SUV and can't get through most aisles. The basket is nice...but not a biggie. Just my opinion.

  4. Get - a rocking chair, swing (even the small ones work!), and we loved our pack 'n play with bassinet & changer. If you're breastfeeding, a good pump will help you stick with it (I had Lansinoh Affinity and loved it). Also, target has some awesome breastfeeding tank tops with built in bras that are thick and uber comfy.

    Leave it - bumbo (such a short time to use), wipe warmer (never got it; never missed it), cutesy burp cloths - never absorbent enough and covered in spit up (just get linen cloth diapers)

    I agree on the travel system and infant carrier; better to borrow or buy used and invest in a good stroller and regular car seat.

  5. Get for baby: pacifier clip and pacifier(s) in case your gal likes them, stroller (I love our economy jogging stroller from Target), burp rags galore (not itty bitty ones either... when kids puke, it's not in a tiny spot). Grace also loves her baby bathtub when we put it in the bigger bathtub because she can sit in it herself and she's too huge for the sink.

    Get for you: Electric breast pump--I was blessed with a nice Medela pump and that thing has allowed me to have dates, go to work part time, and feed my baby in very public places without feeling uncomfortable; Also figure out some sort of breast pads that you'd like (disposable, washable, or the ones that I like after your milk is more regulated are called Lily Padz); I also love my Boppy pillow because I've used it for breastfeeding, as something to sit right after you get home from the hospital (it gets a little sore down there, of course), and it works great as a makeshift backmassage pillow where you can put your face in the middle.

    Don't get: I never had a bottle warmer (use a mug of hot water and put the bottle inside) or a wipes warmer and never missed them. I also agree with the idea that you shouldn't get a bunch of gender specific things. Finally, we are pretty happy with our space saver high chair (attaches to a regular chair-- http://www.target.com/p/Fisher-Price-Space-Saver-Highchair-Beautiful-Garden/-/A-11699694) and didn't feel like we needed/wanted a huge high chair

  6. I agree with what most everyone said. On the pack-n-play make sure the bottom mattress is thick. We didn't test that area and you could feel the bars so basically it was a waste. Get the snap-n-go stroller. Best thing ever. And yes I too own 8 strollers. Such a waste! No travel system needed. Snap-n-go and a really nice either jogging stroller or something along those lines. The wipe warmer was not necessary. Besides it dried out the wipes so fast. Definitely get a good breast pump instead of a cheaper one. I made that mistake and it hurt and caused me to stop earlier. Also really test out monitors. We went through a bunch cause when we got home there was so much static that we couldn't leave it on at night without keeping us up. And as much as we avoided it we ended up with the video monitor. Best thing for us!

    Congrats and good luck!

  7. OK... Long time ago and soooooo much more gadgets now (and there were alot 8 years ago!.

    NEED IT:

    #1 - fully enclosed crib net (not just the top cover - the one you have to have an engineering degree to install - you've seen it - I swear it literally saved her life. Used it from crib ready into toddler years.

    #2 - expensive temporal thermometer - better than the ear one 'cause - the baby aint gonna be still when its sick! the temporal can be done on forehead or behind ear in a second - no worry about damaging inside of ear. We still use it 8 years later! Totally worth the cost! I have to agree and add a good nose sucker - they are cheap and will depend on the shape of your kiddos schnoz what style works best - we kept 2 and the rest were crap. Also make a baby 1st aid kit - the pediatrician can tell you what to put in it ('cause you are not gonna want to pack up a sick infant to go to the store and get ibuprofen - wich they are out of and you have to go to another store).

    # 3 -IF - Arm's reach brand co-sleeper. This was because she would stop breathing and I HAD to be next to her all the time and it was safe to still sleep with her and not roll over and kill er. It is also VERY VERY VERY nice durrring the 1st few months of life - breast feeding or not - you dont have to get out of bed to feed or change the kid! NICE! It also doubled as a bassinet and tippled as a changing table (when needed). The only thing is - I wich I would have gotten the bigger one to quadruple as a playpen when older. 'Cause a good playpen is a must.

    #1 - No fancy stroller combo - expensive and huge and car seat can only be used like 2 months - so go for seperate stroller - nothing fancy - look for simple to use and fold into car and a place to put your huge bag underneath and comfy padding - that can get expensive so if you find one you like minus pading you can always add padding for super cheap.

    #2 - fancy bibs and clothes- never used bibs they were too small, ripped em off, not absorbent etc...- just tuck in a cheap cloth diaper - they are gonna grab the food and smear it everywhere anyways.

    #3 - cutesy crib matching crap ie. bumper, diaper hangy thing, comforter etc... cute in a magazine or for staging a house but REALLY - who ever actually USED the stuff? - mine was still in mint condition and if you actually do use it I promise it will get puke and poop all over it ;-) good luck kiddo!

    Lots of good advice up there - I wish I did get a video monitor too, instead of the regular one. If you live in close housing - make sure it has lots of channels - i heard my neighbor's phone conversation once in my monitor - HA HA! Also right on on the pump too if you need it - DONt buy new - not worth he time/cost ratio unless you plan on exclusively pumping for 2 years - not recommended if you don't have to (the week I had to do that was a nightmare - I literally got depressed an cried all the time). Check your hospital - sometimes it is way cheaper to rent. Also - folks have them for sale and you can find them in some re-sale places - just buy new contact parts - medella sells the kits and also the hospital will have them as well. But, you will never know if you need one until the time comes. but its good to know what options are available ahead of time so you don't waste time and money.


Your turn. Don't be shy, tell me what you think!

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