Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a .......


Ha ha! Just kidding! Well no- I'm not kidding about the human part, I was kidding about not letting you know what we are having part.


Bad idea.

Looks like we will be having a little GIRL!!! She is healthy and already a bit of a pill (like her mom!) and wouldn't let the us tech get a good shot of her face for us!

Now to figure out what to name her! We're debating on whether to tell once we decide for fear of the opinion monster. Not that we are planning on going too crazy. I mean Luckycharm Birdfeeder Hare sounds really cool, right?

Ok, so we're not that out there, but the secrecy, if we choose to keep the name under wraps, is really more because I want us to pick a name that we like, that means something to us as a family. While every friend or family member or acquaintance has good intentions, they also each have an opinion all of which are totally different. You mention 1 name and inevitably someone at the table is like "Kevin?!? You're thinking about Kevin?? I knew a Kevin when I was 8 and he bit me. Kevin's are jerks."

Finally the shopping begins! Will someone ask my husband where he hid my wallet? ;)


  1. Yahoo!! This was my prediction for you. Little girls are lovely and they are pretty much always well dressed by everyone you know. :-)

  2. yay! Can't wait to meet Luckycharm Hare! Whatever name y'all choose will be wonderful. Congrats Hare Family of 3

  3. CONGRATS! I totally agree on the name fiasco. Carli Rohner (from Health Ed) told everyone and spent the next several months arguing the merits of it, to the point she'd argue before someone even said whether or not they liked it because she was so used to it. My friend's sister actually told people it was something crazy (Her last one was Marley Moonshadow- real name Carver) in leiu of telling them the real name until the last month, because let's face it, only a crazy person would challenge a woman nearing the end of pregnancy.

  4. Can I call her "Lucky" instead of "nugget" now!?!
    So... How long did it take after the ultrasound to shop? ;-)
    I also agree with the name thing. Just tell everyone you are still thinking it over even if you have decided 'cause once the kid is out - no one criticizes (at least to your face). If you want to throw it at someone to try it out - make sure it is a total complete stranger. That is how I knew Arianna would quickly become Aye-er-ee-ayna and other variations in Texas.
    I am so glad Lucky is doing great!

  5. yayyyy!! so happy for you both! congrats on lil baby Luckycharm!! haha, may i suggest Princess Consulella Bananahammock? ;)


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