Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Mel


I was finishing feeding Brooklyn and putting her back in her crib early Monday morning when my phone rang - it was Jeff. I knew it couldn't be good. I'll never forget his teary voice "Hey Age...I don't know how to tell you this....but Mel died last night." I heard every word clearly but for some reason all I could say for a minute was "What?" "Mel, what?" "No she didn't".

It still doesn't feel real that you aren't here anymore.

I am thankful to have had a friend who loves sports as much as I do. Tailgating at Baylor games, catching BU Baseball games with the girls. I couldn't tell you how many trips to the Ballpark (aka God's Country) for Rangers games we made, which is probably part of why it took me 6 years to get my degree -from skipping summer school classes. :) Sweating it out in left field so we could drool over Nix and Dellucci. Picking up What-a-burger after work and staying up til the sun rose painting signs for the game.  You used to get so mad if we weren't in our seats for the national anthem.  Remember the road trip from Waco to Arizona with Amber for Rangers spring training? Longest. drive. ever. But worth every boring west Texas mile, we had so much fun. And how you and I almost missed our flight to Boston and NYC to see the Rangers play at Fenway and Yankee stadium? We didn't have to buy a single drink that trip- apparently Texas accents are amusing to NYC bartenders, and good looking firefighters.

I was thinking the other day how we used to get off work at Cricket's and would always get to Zetti's as the after hours party was winding down and how both you and I ended up marrying guys because of Zetti's after hours get togethers. I'll have to thank him for that for us. You never thought you 'd meet anyone who was as big of a Rangers fan as you, and boy were you wrong. God had the perfect partner for you in Jeff. I knew it when I saw him in a rangers Jersey and eye black at a social function. He loves you so wholly, passionately, and selflessly.  

Mel, you truly are one of a kind.  You made all those seemingly never-ending shifts behind the bar enjoyable. From playing pranks on co-workers, to those ridiculous socks and skirts we wore, to putting ornery customers in their place, and breaking up the occasional bar fight it was always an adventure. Your work ethic was incredible- always picking up shifts, always making sure that if you were going to do something to be sure it was done right, & stacking kegs in the cooler at Crickets with the best of the guys. I remember the dreaded Texas HS Baseball coaches convention was saved when we got to be Rafael Palmerio's sidekicks when he came to sign autographs. You spent hours talking about what you'd say to him and I died laughing watching as you sat next to him for 2 hours and couldn't get a word out. 

You have such an incredible heart for others. Whether it be cooking thanksgiving dinner for the Air Force, Marines, Press Corps, and Secret Service so they didn't have to eat at IHOP or What-a-burger, picking up someones tab just because, bringing Redbull and scratch offs to work for me cause you know it's gonna be a long night, taken donations to get a co-worker items for their new baby. Those are just a few.
We have laughed together, cried together, worked together, been in each others weddings, traveled together, confided in each other, and learned some rough lessons together.  I am a better person having known you and am blessed to call you friend. 

In your short 31 years and 23 days on this earth you had an impact on thousands of peoples lives. Don't believe me? You should see your facebook page- it's filled with photos, messages, memories and posts about how friggin' awesome you are. The title of this post is "For Mel" but I suppose it would be more accurate to maybe call it "for those of us who are left behind".

I love you and I miss you. I am so heartbroken that I will not be able to be there tomorrow to celebrate your life, that you won't have the chance to meet Brooklyn, and that you won't be there when I come back home to visit any more. 

Until we meet in Heaven (where I'm sure you'll have turned all of it's residents into Rangers fans),
Have you noticed the matching trend? Haha!

Treff's with the girls.

DC trip

We stole Bernie Williams and turned him into a Ranger
Spring Training in Surprise, AZ

Working on Christmas night- we banked that night.

Kickin' it with Darius Rucker aka "Hootie"

Working Margarita Salsa Festival (and matching again)


  1. I am so sorry :( the first person I thought of when I heard, was you. "Age and Mel" was a staple of my bar working days... This was a beautiful post. And you two were lucky to have each other.

  2. Beautiful Age! I am so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful friend. Just think she is with Baby H watching over you and Brooklyn now. Perfect mom in heaven for your sweet little one.

  3. What a great collection of two were so great to me when I first started at Cricket's. I'm praying for Jeff, you and so many others who are mourning the loss of such a great friend.

  4. Thank you so much for this... Melony's father is my cousin. I am ashamed to say that I have not visited with my family in many years for so many (what seem now to be so stupid) reasons. Money, work, kids, schedules, vehicle trouble.... all so insignificant now it seems. I am truly heartbroken for Roy over this. And I am also so sad that I didn't get to know Melony as an adult. She was still pretty young when I moved away from home and time just seemed to blast right on by until no time was left. Your memories and pictures and stories posted here have shown me alot about who Melony grew up to be (and I can definately identify with our family resemblences lol). I am so happy to see that she was loved by so many poeple. My heart is sad but also elated for the life that she lived and the people she loved and that loved her back. She will be greatly missed...and she will be beautifully remembered. Again, Thank You.
    Renee' Johnson Taylor - Kerrville Texas


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