Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So my parents just left to go back to Texas. Let me just say those of you who have babies and are single or have a spouse who is deployed or out of town often....you are rockstars.

I knew going in that my hormones would be all over the place after giving birth and as a natural worry wort I was expecting tears. I didn't realize that meant crying just cause I was tired, or because Brooklyn pooped in her diaper right as I was fastening on a fresh diaper, or because I couldn't sleep because I was afraid I'd be a terrible mom. Having family, both my parents and husband, to encourage and support me has been a sanity saver. Being a mom is hard. Exciting, scary, fun and very hard.  I have quickly learned that a nursing bra, hoodie, and yoga pants are the staple outfit and only get "dressed" dressed when I'm going outside the house, which short of a dinner, Dr's appts, and a quick trip to the store has been on short walks around the block.  I am lucky to have incredible family here to make these first days easier.

Let me start with my parents. They were here for the first 10 days of Brooklyn's life. Of course to love on and be with their grand baby- but to also make our lives a little easier. I wasn't sure how I'd feel having guests in the house as I have a tendency to be a people pleasing entertainer. If you are a guest in my home I want you to feel just that, like a guest, not a maid. Daniel and I came home from the hospital with Brooklyn to a spotless house with a full fridge. They even did our laundry. We woke up every morning to breakfast being cooked, and not just toast and cereal, my momma made banana pancakes, quiche, french toast, the works! Same for dinner- every night we had a different home cooked meal, and didn't have to even clear our plates from the table. They made trips to the store for groceries, and last minute things we didn't realize we'd need (like nightlights so we didn't trip going to the nursery in the middle of the night.). When the photographer came over for Brooklyn's newborn pics, my parents moved furniture, held reflectors and sweat it out for 4 hours. They listened and answered questions when I was having trouble breastfeeding the first few days. (Which btw- is waaaayy harder that I'd imagined- I see now why people cave and switch to formula.) I cried like a baby when we dropped them off to go home, partly because I am a hormonal mess, partly because I was so grateful for all of their help and mostly because I was smacked with the reality that they live so far away and won't get to see her grow and change every day.

Nana & Papaw made our first week home so much easier.

Then there's my husband. He is simply incredible. He's changed nearly every diaper, and even though he's gone back to work gets up for every feeding, even when she's up eating every hour for 4 hours in the middle of the night.  He walks and sings her to sleep when she's crying. He brings me snacks and drinks when I'm busy with Brooklyn (see: "eating every hour for 4 hours" mention above). He comes home at lunch just to hang out with his girls, and lets me cry it out on days where I am exhausted (which is like every other day around 6 pm). I couldn't imagine being a parent without him. Daniel's parents are coming this week and I am so excited for them to get to spend some time loving on Brooklyn and seeing first hand what an incredible father their son is.

Late night burping turned sleeping hug on Daddy :)

Brooklyn and I are 2 very lucky ladies :)


  1. So, so glad your parents were able to stay so long and help. What a blessing!! They really are so amazing. I think all of us moms were pretty shocked at just how hard it really is. You and Dan are doing a great job. The exhaustion and tears show just how much you care about your sweet little Brooklyn and how much you are loving her and giving to her already. Every day gets a little bit easier...until they turn two. :) Love you guys!

  2. Girl, you made me cry! If you ever ever ever need to talk about how hard it is with your parents states away...I've totally done it! I have even done another country!
    Heath and I were talking yesterday about you being at the hospital when Hunter was born and getting 20 people dinner. You are such an awesome person!

  3. This just made me tear up! I hope that my parents will come when we have our child but I am so fearful that they won't. It's a long story but I truly am afraid. But anyway, you are NOT going to be a terrible mom, you will be amazing! Keep you head up friend!

  4. Ahh....cried the whole blog through! Great job capturing those first days. I remember being sad when our folks left with Charlie....But when my mom left after Claire was born, we all shed tears. Sounds like your folks are real servants! And I also understand wishing they were there to see her change every day....because she DOES change everyday. Ugh...crying AGAIN!
    I can't wait to meet her. I'm sure you are a GREAT momma! Hang in there these first months, it's a big adjustment!


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