Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

I have spent this week preparing for our week long visit back to Oklahoma and Texas. I normally start packing a day or 2 early but for this trip I started packing extra early- like a week early. Not only am I a type A, list making, anxiety ridden, nut job-  I'm also a people-pleaser.

Because of this I am sure that our normally quiet child will scream from the time we arrive at the airport until the plane lands in Dallas, and angry passengers will throw peanuts at us and give us the stink-eye (and maybe the finger). 1 of 2 things will happen, I'll either be forced to get over the anxiety/people-pleasingness OR I'll be traumatized for life and will become a hermit and never travel by air again.

I didn't realize how much crap babies need! As I mentioned before I'm a list maker. A detailed list maker. I make lists for EVERYTHING. When I travel I make a list of every single thing I'm bringing and not just 7 shirts 3 pants kind of list, it's a brown gap sweater, cream tank top, dark skinny jeans list. Yep, specific articles of clothing. So naturally I did the same while writing Brooklyn's packing list. Luckily both sets of parents have cribs, so we don't have to worry about bringing a pack n' play. We decided for our 1st time flying (not to mention visiting both grandparents 4 hours apart) with a little one we wanted to make it as stress free as possible. That includes a non-stop flight so we don't have to lug a kid and and all of her parts through multiple airports (and so we only annoy 1 plane full of people instead of  2 ha ha!), and renting a car so we don't have to take out and install the car seat and base in 80 different cars over the 2 state, 7 day trip.

I snapped a pic with my cell of my list & the beginnings of my OCD packing process on has since grown :)

I've got my and BK's travel day outfits planned for maximum "security passing through-ing" efficiency, diaper changing speed, feeding non-awkwardness and of course comfort and a little fashion too! Any moms who've flown with their infants that want to toss any tips out there - I'm all ears!

Wish us luck!


  1. Sabrina was actually an angel when we flew to Indianna. Hey... you were there! If my memory serves me...
    We had an empty seat next to us (good luck with that on our modern overbooked flights) so she could stretch out.
    Nookie a must. Bottle/breast a must. I think if you just keep her needs met ... food, no-gas, sleep she should be fine.
    I think the problem comes if
    1)parent is edgy it rubs off on kid
    2) beyond control ear pain.
    To ward off the ear pain I made sure she was hydrated and stuck that pacifier in the pie hole. Bri was bigger so, her sheepy was a must. I just think she was excited about the big planes. Brooklyn will be A OK.
    Have a safe trip!

  2. I'm so glad you wrote about this! I constantly wonder how traveling with an infant would work. I flew this past weekend, I had a lot of stuff, so I kept getting anxiety about how much I'd need with a baby and how I'd fit it all into a carry on, plus a stroller, car seat, etc. I've yet to figure this out hypothetically. Maybe I just won't fly anywhere, lol. If you come across great tips, please pass them along. Have fun!!!


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