Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stroller dilemma....

So since BK is in her infant seat we've loved using the Baby Trend snap n' go (thanks for the recommendation Jenny!) It was the best $50 I've ever spent! It's great for travel, trips to the mall, etc. It's super light, folds easily and literally our carseat just snaps right in. It has been just "ok" for walks around the block, totally functional but you can tell it's not built for that purpose. All in all it totally beats the mongo 38 pound "travel systems" that Graco and Chicco sell.
The Snap n' Go

Now that she's over 6 weeks I'd like to start walking more and jogging (like lite jogging) and until now have had my mind set on the Britax B-ready or the Baby Jogger City Select because they can both be converted into a double stroller as we'd like to have our kiddos close together (like 2 years or less between them, hey we aren't the youngest couple on the block- time is a tickin'!). My goal is to have to buy as few strollers as possible during our lifetime, which I'm discovering may be really difficult unless you have twins as they would need the same size everything as they grow and you could just get a double stroller. These 2 just made sense since it's a single stroller until we have a second then we just pop on the 2nd seat and stick the car seat carrier in and bam! you're ready to go and you can have different combos as the kids need different seats at different ages (see pic below).

The Baby Jogger City Select in all it's glory
I also like these two options because they don't have the monster wheels like the strollers built exclusively for jogging, making them more portable, but yet they still have solid wheels and shocks so that taking a stroll outdoors is a smooth ride (as opposed to the bumpy ride down the sidewalk BK's getting in her snap n' go now). The downside is- not only are they really pricey (esp after you buy the 2nd seat attachment- we are talking close to 6-hundy!) but are heavy so while they "technically" can fold up and be put in the car- do I really want to be "tossing" a 27 pound stroller in the back of my car every time I want to go shopping (and that's just while it has the 1 seat attached). I can totally use the car seat and snap n' go for quite a while longer for the shopping trips etc. and use one of these just for neighborhood walks until we'd need it for 2 kids or until BK outgrows her infant carrier (or gets to heavy to be carried in it ha ha!).
Britax B-Ready

So I guess my dilemma is - do I spend the dough and just start working out my upper body strength to have a stroller that has the "potential" to accommodate 2 kids and risk the real fact that: a.)we may not be able to even get preggo a 2nd time or b.) it may take longer than we want to get preggo a 2nd time and BK will be big enough to walk herself around for the most part?

......or do I just suck it up get a single stroller and if and when we do have another kid buy another bigger stroller?

......Or do I get a jogger and when she gets bigger and outgrows the snap 'n go buy a lightweight stroller to use for shopping/zoo/ park trips? 

It' looks as though either way is gonna cost a pretty penny. Any moms with kids close in age have any advice or an "I wish I would have..."? Cause I gotta buy something soon :)


  1. We got a BOB that we absolutely adore. best $ spent on baby gear. My mom uses a double city mini (two grandkids). I keep a cheapo umbrella stroller ($40 at bimart!) in my car for quick trips (indoors). BOB is too big for most stores anyways.

  2. We had a jogger from schwinn that was good. Not great because the front wheel was fixed. Fixed is great for straight line jogging but we had curved streets in our hood.
    Look for large back wheels. Wheels that are air or that new no-puncture stuff that is softer. this makes a huge difference in the comfort of the ride - think wood wheeled buggy vs luxury car. Also look for suspension - some kind of shock absorber near the wheels or in the unit. Also a built in wind screen and rain shield and sun screen. I know you r not gonna go out in the rain, but, if you have crazy weather that changes on a dime - your kid will thank you for it. And comfy adjustable handles and a wrist strap! Also. I know a all-purpose is great but, if you are gonna be a serious jogger and go several times a week - go for the specialty - they usually fold and hang in garage with minimal fuss.
    A specialty will fit her from infant well into toddlerhood.
    I didn't think the umbrellas were great (unlike all the other mommies). But, when she started walking, it was soooo much easier to just keep that stupid carseat in the car and grab the umbrella - lightweight and easy to travel with. Especially places like the zoo then they need to get in and out for optimal animal viewing :-)Mine had a bucket UNDER the seat - very important because it is less likeley to tip over backwards.
    You cant predict the kiddos - just have to play the cards as they fall.
    Craigslist is great - i found my new jogger for like $30 cause they ended up needing a double (surprise! Ha!). New umbrellas are cheap.
    My friend has a cool lightweight combo with a umbrella like seat in front and a platform and bar in back for her older kid to stand. Very cool just in case Brooklyn gets a sibling later ;-)
    Good luck!

  3. I have the city elite and LOVE it!!!! I don't know what I would do without it. It is perfect for my twins and so easy to work. Spend the money and get it! You will be so happy you did!!

    1. Yay! Glad you like your baby jogger - I've heard they are super easy to fold!

  4. i have the snap n go (love for newborns), an umbrella to keep in the car for the mall, and quick trips, and then i had the big Chicco that goes with our infant carrier. I SOOO wish i hand't gotten in. We used it maybe 4 times and I've loaned it out. I also have a BOB single jogger. I love my BOB. It is heavier and bigger, but its so great for the zoo, jogging, anything we do outside and inside. We are getting either the Mountain Buggy+1 or the Phil and Teds INLINE for when we have 2. I hate that I have that many strollers, its ridick. I should have just gotten the snap n go, a cheap umbrella and then one of the nicer ones I'm going to get that turns into an inline for 2.

    1. Haha! I know- I'm afraid I'm going to be the crazy stroller lady. I suppose if I get a nice single now I can always sell it on craigslist when #2 comes along and I need to upsize :)


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