Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brooklyn is 6 months!

So I'm a week late, but better late than never, eh? B's 6 month birthday fell during our trip to OK/TX to visit family and in the rush to pack I forgot her onesie and 6 month sticker so this will have to do.

Height: 27 inches (86%) 
Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz (48%)
Noggin: 44 cm (90%)  


- She's still sleeping 12 hours and taking 3 naps although I think she'll be ready to go to 2 naps soon.

- I'm beginning to think she'll never roll from tummy to back but she likes rolling from back to tummy especially when I put her down for naps and then she whines until we come flip her over cause she can't go the other way.

- She is a great sitter and can even reach forward for toys and sit back up with out tipping over (most of the time).

- She's eating solids twice a day. So far she likes sweet potatoes and squash and hates peas with a passion.

- If you are trying to take pics/video she will find the camera before you can even turn it on and stare it down which makes it hard for us to video any firsts and cute moments cause she'll stop everything and stare at it. Now if we can just get her to smile it'd be ok for pics, but the face below is what you get 98% of the time.

- no teeth yet.

- She loves fabrics. She likes to feel your shirt, jeans, dress- so if you hold her I hope you don't mind if she pets you. She also likes hair and jewelry, particularly the center stone of your wedding ring. Consider yourself warned- your setting better not be loose or she will eat your rock and any ingested diamonds become the sole property of the Hares.

- Some firsts this month: first solids, first time in a swimming pool (she loved it), first haircut (I trimmed the bottom of her hair -she was starting to look like Billy Ray Cyrus circa "Achy Breaky Heart")
B's current favorite things are her jumparoo at both grandparents houses (I guess I'll be shopping for one soon- she got home from our trip and kept trying to jump in her exersaucer), her feet,  her teething toys, and she loves the book "Who's a Bunny" (she laughs every time you make the animal noises) she also likes The Cat In The Hat.

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