Friday, March 15, 2013

14 Months

Oh my goodness has this been a crazy month! Aside from me starting my new job, Brooklyn has had 3 ear infections - yes I said 3. I honestly think the 1st (double) infection just hadn't ever cleared up. Literally hasn't had so much as a runny nose until February then- Boom! Back to back ear infections. Homegirl is a trooper that's for sure!

We finally had her 1 year well-baby (well quasi well-baby she had just ended ear infection #2) And she's dead on 50% for her height and noggin'. Her weight is down in the 30's but the doc said with her having just been sick and at this age where she's moving around all. day.'s not uncommon. She flipped out for shots but didn't make a peep and sat so still during her blood draw.

Here's what she's been up to:

Learning lots of new words: "Cank -COO" (Thank you), "EAT", "WUH-F" (Love) "Pak Pak" (Backpack) "KEE-Kurr" (Teacher) and "Weh-rrr" (Weather - which stems from her obsession with Al Roker, I'll have to video her and show you - it's adorable.) are some of her favorite new ones.

Eating everything in sight. She's learning to use a spoon and is pretty good if I do say so myself. She still refuses to drink milk out of anything other than bottle, I've tried everything. She only has milk in the morning after breakfast and at bedtime so I'm not too worried about it but would appreciate any suggestions.

She loves playing with her play kitchen in her playroom and "attacking" you when you're on the floor laying on your side. She starts giggling and crawling towards you and rams her head into you until roll onto your back, then she climbs on top of you and squeals and buries her face in your shoulder. My little wrestle-mania nugget.

She's still obsessed with books and quite a fast learner. Here she is reading (well, acting out what I read) the opposites book with me:

She had her first "real" haircut and loved it. She sat still, was quiet and when the stylist took off the cape when the cut was finished Brooklyn grabbed it and wrapped it back around her.  I was such a proud mama - she loves salon days as much as I do!

Loves watching "baa-ball" (Basketball). When we walk up to the Ferrell Center for games she squeals and starts flapping her arms. She watches the game and this past week during the men's game learned to Boo. (It was only a matter of time- our fans are notorious Boo-birds). We took her to baseball and it was a mild nightmare. It think there's not enough action to keep her attention, but in fairness it was right before her naptime so we'll try again soon.

Took her first trip to a real park. I mean I've taken her before but always just pushed her in her stroller. We went down the slide and swung and ate rocks a picnic dinner.

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