Tuesday, March 30, 2010

29 Reasons why Amber is my BFF

In honor of her 29th birthday, today's blog is dedicated to my bestest friend!

1. She's a walking makeup counter. Any shade of gloss, shadow, liner, blush...you name it -she's got it!
2. If you need a mani /pedi buddy she's always in!
3. She's a talker. This comes in handy since she's halfway (about to be all the way) across the country from me . She's always been amazing at keeping in touch wether via phone, text or e-mail
4. She still loves me even though I'm a non-responder. This kinda goes along with #3....I'm not a phonecall person, & am terrible at returning calls (although I think I'm improving greatly), Amber never takes it personally or gives me a hard time.
5. She bleeds green and gold. She's was born a Baylor fan and will die a Baylor fan... never waivers no matter how good or bad the Bears are!
6. She comes from an amazing family that taught her the way priorities should be: God, then Family, then Friends then everything else.
7. She loves the Lord.
8. She's marrying a man who fully understands how major birthdays are to her.
9. She's the only person I know who could live off chips and salsa but if you put tomatoes on a salad or sandwich- she won't touch it.
10. She spends 1 day in the sun and gets like 6 shades darker.
11. She's a thoughtful gift giver, wether it's a $100 or $1.00 gift, she puts so much time and thought into her gifts.
12. She loves sports more than most guys I know.
13.  She can spend 16 hours in the car listening to Mel and I butcher every song that comes on the radio and still want to be our friend when we arrive at our destination.
14. She's not afraid to pack up and move to places like Florida and New York for no other reason than to see what life has in store for her there.
15. She has the most interesting pre-meal ritual at Taco Rico (aka Leal's to you non-old schoolers).
16. She's an amazing aunt to her neice and nephews and will make an amazing mom someday.
17. She'll stand with you in your darkest hour.
18. She never forgets her friend's birthdays... even when they are no longer with us.
19. She shares my affinity for purses and shoes!
20. She loves with everything she has, knowing that it's the most amazing and painful thing she will ever feel.
21. She's a woman of her word...when Amber says she's going to do something, she does it. If she can't she'll tell you.
22. She can get an MBA, work part time, and plan a wedding at the same time!
23. She wears her heart on her sleeve.
24. If you ever need to plan an event, or need help throwing a party- call Amber, she's super creative and full of ideas...just don't let her bake the cake! :)
25. She's fully aware that she's not Betty Crocker and doesn't mind that I let you all know too. ;)
26. She's a great travel buddy!!
27. We can get busy and not talk for 2 weeks and pick up like we haven't skipped a minute!
28. She loves me despite of all of my faults, screw ups, quirks and flaws.
29. Of the 29 years she's been on this earth I've been lucky enough to call her my friend for 18 of those and look forward to 18 more!!

Love You AJ!!! Hope your birthday is amazing!!


  1. This was great! I agree with them all especially #17. She was totally there for me during one of the roughest times in my life, and before it all began I had shut her out along with everyone else. All she needed to hear from me was that I needed a friend and she was there!

  2. What a great list! And it's all true! happy birthday little sis!

  3. Great list Age...Happy Happy Birthday to Amber!


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