Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interesting facts I’m learning about Oregon

With the move date quickly approaching I’m finding out some interesting nuggets of knowledge about the great state of Oregon- I thought I might expand your horizons as well! Some things are pleasant surprises while others, quite frankly…well… suck.

You can’t pump your own gas!!
Oregon is one of only 2 states (the other being New Jersey) where an attendant pumps your gas for you. Finally, no more running the tank to below the “E” because I refuse to fill up my tank unless it’s over 55° F and sunny outside!

It’s home to many tasty wines and some amazing FRESH fish!
After we got back from our first trip out to Oregon I was sure I'd gained a small child. We'd eaten out every meal and I'd licked my plate clean at each sitting. I was surpised to find out I'd lost two pounds!! Maybe I'll use that to get people to come visit..."Spend a week with the Hare's and drop a pant size!"

Here’s a pro and a con….. No crazy Texas/Oklahoma weather!!
Pro being there are no tornados, rain that covers your car in red dirt, summer months of 98-110 degree heat followed by winter months of ice storm/blizzards, all of which I’ve come to know as “normal”! Aside from the rainy falls & winters (which are really drizzle) I am headed to a town that is green even in January! It’s a magical land where the average temperatures rarely drop below freezing or go over 90 degrees in the summer. That being said….

Apparently since their climate is so nice many of the homes are built A/C ready or without A/C!!! Um, no. I don’t care how nice your weather is, put in the A/C and give me the option of whether or not I would like to use said A/C. I’ve never not had it and I don’t plan to start now.
High Unemployment Rate.
Oregon is right after the thriving states of Michigan and California in unemployment. So while it’s wonderful my hubby has a great job, it’s highly likely that I may end up as a Subway “Sandwich Artist” (which wouldn’t be too bad if I got free subs!!).

My personal con’s… no Dillard’s or Hobby Lobby (cut to my husband doing the happy dance)!
Whatever shall I do?? I’ve written a letter telling OKC’s own David Green that Oregon is the perfect destination for a Hobby Lobby, full of crafty folks just itching to spend their unemployment checks on thousands of cool craft supplies for the projects they dream up but in reality will never finish…or start. (I totally just gave myself away- minus the unemployment checks…for now). The closest Dillard’s is a mere 500 miles south of my soon to be hometown. How am I supposed to get my half-price Coach bags when the new season bags come out?!? Do these people not care that Dillard’s is the only department store that carries Antonio Melani – the 1 clothing brand that fits like it was made just for me!?! I see therapy sessions in my near future.

Oregon is home to…
  • Nike (fun fact: the creator of the famous Nike “swoosh”, Carolyn Davidson, was paid a measley $35 for her design)
  • The deepest river gorge in North America (too bad I'm not an outdoorsy gal)
  • The deepest lake in North America (mabe I should consider becoming one)
  • The largest cheese factory in the world (major pro in my book- goes with my "Cheese makes everything better" motto)
  • The 1st city in the US to have 1 way streets (I count that as a con, I've been the idiot driving the wrong way down a one way street way more than I'd like to admit!)
Now to see if the pros outweigh the cons.....


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