Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Facebook Pet Peeves

Everybody’s got ‘em. I’m sure my posts have annoyed a person or two, especially if your facebook pet peeves happen to be:

a.) people who attach every blog post to their status or
b.) folks who post something about their alma mater (in my case the Baylor Bears!) every time any team ( football to basketball all the way to equestrian) has an event(…and even more so when they win).

Here are a few of mine I’ve noticed over the past few years. Please don’t take it personal if you are one of these folks…if I didn’t like ya I would have “unfriended” you!

Posting the f-bomb in your status is like standing in front of a room full of your 389 friends, family, and coworkers and yelling “F*** the University of (insert hated college here)” I mean, really?!?! I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems so permanent. Everyone who’s a facebook friend of yours’ eyes are being abused by your potty mouth (I guess it’s actually potty typing!). I do understand you have a right to say what you want whether it burns my eyes or not. What I don’t understand is when someone types a cuss word on my wall….makes me bonkers. If you wanna put it on your own wall feel free at least I only have to see it once, but PLEASE don’t put nasty words on my wall- you’re cussing in front of my parents, bosses, coworkers, and friends. My mother will hunt you down and wash your mouth out with soap…and I’ll give her your address.

Pregnancy overload
I’m sure I’ll come across as some soulless, bitter, anti-baby lady, so let me just say in my defense that I love kids and plan on having several if I’m lucky enough to be able to experience that miracle . I am truly excited that you are having a baby. It’s an amazing experience. I don’t mind when people post about being pregnant, that isn’t annoying. It essentially consumes your life for nine months (and the rest of your life) so I expect to hear about it and see baby bump pictures. I want to see the baby bump and hear about it…. just not 5 times a day, every day, for 40 weeks. We don’t need to know about every craving, doctor appointment, daycare interview, baby gift, whether you’re debating breastfeeding or not, or all the weird bodily changes that come with being a human incubator. Please, keep us posted, but try to remember that not everyone wants to know more about your pregnancy than your doctor does.

Exxxtttrrraaa Lettteeerrsssssss!
I get typing “Ahhhh!” if you’re excited- it helps get your point across. Typing “Hooooorrrayyyy It’sssss Friiiidayyyyy!” is essentially no longer English… and annoying. THIS IS CLOSELY FOLLOWED BY STATUS UPDATES THAT ARE IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME. It’s like you’re always yelling, and no one likes being yelled at.

Body stuff
I don’t want to know that your husband/boyfriend is doing a dance in the buff (yes that was actually posted), that your kid peed or pooed on you (that seems to get posted a lot - maybe that is bothersome because I don’t have kids yet.), or how many times you’ve been spit up or thrown up on. It’s gross.

What are some of your facebook pet peeves???



  1. Your peeves are pretty much right in line with mine, but I have one more...hateful political rants. Do they really think people are going to change their minds simply because they posted something they believe/feel is gospel and truth (in the political sense)?


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