Monday, April 26, 2010

from OK to OR....

So our last couple weeks have been crazy! We’ve had going away parties with friends, family and co-workers, dinners with family and friends and a going away Thunder victory over the Lakers the night before our 4am wake up call for our flight!

Lest we forget the packers, loaders and car transporters who short of the last mentioned were amazing and very careful with our things. Unfortunately, my car showed up dead as a doornail. Turns out some moron left the interior light on in my car when he loaded it on the carrier which over the 4 day journey to Oregon sucked my battery dry. We’ve been without our “stuff” for a week and are hoping to have the moving truck here by the end of this week, so expect many posts as I have no job and a lot of free time in a hotel room with a computer!!!

Other than adjusting to everyone we know being on central time and being 2,000 miles from our families, I’d say we’re doing really well! I think we’re both a little homesick but we expected that- if we weren’t homesick we’d be bad people

So I’ll leave you with some pics from my going away day with my amazing co-workers who closed the office to take me bowling and surprised me with an evening of dinner and games, who I miss dearly, followed by our “last night in town” with my in-laws who took us to see the Thunder playoff game, and of course a few pics of the new house! Enjoy!

The FMI Crew (Minus Frank, Susie, and Lauren)

How many people does it take to reset a game?? Kari knows!

Yes those are our final scores..I think if you add up the left teams totals and the right teams totals neither side adds up to 300. We can't even bowl a perfect game combined- but we had a blast!

We had taken pics with everyone else at the going away party except Dan's parents so we made sure we got one before the thunder game....

...and during the Thunder game

it was by far the most fun I've ever had at ANY game ever!! (if you know me that's huge) It was like a college atmosphere...loudest game I've ever been to.

My 3 faves... Serge!!, KD, and Nick

KD's parents and Grandmothers were a few rows down from us- they were a hoot!

Winner, Winner!

Here's our house!

can't wait to get our table and chairs and some hanging planters on the front porch!

our downstairs living room

Our kitchen

our neighbors!

More house pics to follow....


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  1. Glad to see you guys made it to Oregon safely! The house is gorgeous!!


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