Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink...literally

If handy man skills were a necessity to live, my husband and I would cease to exist. We're collectively about as familiar with a tool belt as Paris Hilton is with a job. Which is why I was moments away from a vacation in a rubber room Sunday morning!

Daniel and I invited the entire WOU athletic staff over for a little come n' go reception thingy at our home on Sunday. Yes you read right...entire, as in Coaches, wives, kids, assistant coaches,boyfriends, partners, admin staff, dogs, cats, Santa & the Tooth Fairy.

As a good hostess should, I'd been planning (and changing) the menu for weeks. "Do Oregon people like jalapenos?" (like they're from another planet or something...I'm either over cautious or just a little coo-coo-ca-choo. Most likely a little of both.) I'd spent Friday night and all day Saturday cleaning, grocery shopping, prepping and baking. I'm pretty adamant about things being mega fresh so I'd held off on the brownies and the mini quiches because nobody likes a dried-out day-old brownie, or a frozen then reheated mini quiche!

Our event was to start at 3pm. It was around 10am and my 1st batch of brownies was in the oven, the second batch ready to go. I decided to take the 20 minutes to tidy up the kitchen. I began rinsing out mixing bowls and flipped on the disposal...and that's when it all went kaput.

The sink was clogged. Like backed up, water not going anywhere clogged. Not today! Not now! Please go away and come back and be clogged at 6 when the party's over! I couldn't function...all I could do was wonder how these dishes were going to get cleaned? How could I continue cooking with no sink? I would have sucked at life had I been born anytime before such conveniences as garbage disposals....and air conditioning. So I did what most non-handy women would do and yelled for my husband.

Enter said husband. Now keep in mind while said husband is one of the most well-intentioned, most educated, business savvy, and helpful men I have ever known, his track record in the way of the DIY world is mediocre at best. But as I said he is ridiculously smart (sometimes too smart for his own good) and before calling a plumber (which was my 1st, and most expensive, suggestion), he was determined to try something, anything to save our piggy bank. This is where google came in, and boy did google have a lot to say. Google had tips, tricks, videos, websites, all dedicated to unclogging the ol' kitchen sink.

He tried a few recommended at home remedies before the final option....removing the u-shaped pvc pipe thingy, which you may as well have asked him to perform an open heart surgery. I immediately envisioned our kitchen flooded, broken pipes laying on the floor, handing our guests  rain boots and floaties as they came in.

Turns out, Daniel's not half bad at plumbing! He got the pipe off (with no explosions) and we found the culprit....a perfectly intact baby spoon (and we are a household with zero babies)! ! I suppose our poor sink was tired of storing the previous tenants utensils!

The kingdom was restored and the party went off without a hitch! We had a wonderful time! Here are some pics...
Daniel got some lovely centerpiece flowers!

the kids loved the candy bar...

and hanging out underneath it!

I only had a chance to snap a few shots at the beginning as it got a bit too crowded for good pics (plus I was talking to much to remember to shoot)

Until the next soiree...


  1. good job lady! love the candy bar. that is always a good idea. do i spy some tootsie rolls? yum.

  2. I love the fact that I can just read your writing and know the exact tone in which you are saying it! I miss your pretty face! Love you!

  3. I'm so proud of you both! You did it! Same thing happened to my sink - right before a showing! Apparently eggshells go down just about as well as spoons. Who'd-a-thunk?!
    The place looks great and yummies look even better. Wish I were there.
    When I read your blog, it's like you are there right in the room with me. I miss you and Love You bunches!
    - Sis


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