Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Daniel and I ventured to Vancouver, BC, Canada this weekend to watch the Western Oregon play Simon Fraser University (the 1st Canadian school to play in the NCAA- kinda neat to see a little history!) and while we shut them out 38-0 this go round, give that place a few years and they'll be a loaded gun. It was a super short trip, we left Saturday morning and came back Sunday (it's a 7 hour drive from where we live) and I learned a few things about Canada and myself on this trek that I thought I'd share with you:

  • My driving/ car ride threshold stops at 4 hours. (which happens to be the approximate time it takes to drive from Waco to OKC)  That's the furthest I'll go before you have to purchase this gal a plane ticket. I'm comfortable with 4 hours. Aside from the occasional journey from Central Texas to Phoenix, AZ for really important things like Rangers spring training with my best friends or the epic Bowl Tour (5 of us piled in a minivan for the Fiesta Bowl, stopping at other bowl games along the way) I don't to road trips. Next year we either fly, stay for a few more days, or leave the cranky wife at home.
  • Canadian people are reeeeeallly nice....almost too nice. It also only took me only 20 minutes to start ending every question with "eh".
  • If you're going to take a pic on your phone crossing the border to upload to facebook be sure to do it before you cross the border. I'm sure my 3 min attempt that resulted in a failed upload prior to shutting off my phone will cost me like $50 and a husband lecture.
  • Be sure to use the restroom before you cross back into the states! We were in line at the border for an hour and yes, I got out of the car ran across the highway (unsure if I'd be shot by Canadian border patrol...if I tried the same monkey business on our other border I'd be toast) to a Border inspection trailer in hopes of a bathroom!
  • It's really hard to read the small km/hr on the speedometer (and it's a tease- it took us a minute to remember 80 kilometers per hour not miles..slow down!!)
  • We thought gas was really cheap..the sign said $1.29 so we put in $20.00 and only got 1/4 was $1.29 per litre! Can someone remind me again why we're the only country on the planet who hasn't gotten the memo on the metric system?
  • I've never seen a spunkier, more energetic group of men getting shut-out that the Simon Fraser kids. They never stopped pushing, never threw in the towel, never stopped encouraging each other and came out for every play like it was the 1st of the game.
  • I have to go back!! We only got to see a tiny bit of the Vancouver area (including when my husband drove us 20 min in the wrong direction because he was sure that that's where the stadium was...turns out it was like 2 miles from our hotel) but it's incredibly beautiful and there are a bazillion restaurants that are just calling my name.


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