Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shop 'Til Ya Drop!

I seem to be surrounded by friends, old and new, who are ridiculously talented which works out well because I don't have a crafty bone in my body...and I love shopping! From jewelry to photography, footwear to graphic design these ladies have got mad skills! I wanted to share their work with all 5 of you who read this and they were all kind enough to let me. 

Happy shopping!

Fancy Footwear
These are Lea's flip-flops (she does crocs too!). We went to junior high and high school together ( I was quite envious of Lea and her sister Rachel's skills in the gym...incredible gymnasts!). Lea will customize them for your favorite team, school colors or to match any outfit! Kids and adult sizes she can do it all and they're only $15 bucks! 
E-mail Lea for more info at!

 Perfect for game day!

I looove the flowers! 

photos by Lea Swanson

Beautiful Baubles
One of my co-workers, Lisa, makes some super fun jewelry! We got busted shopping in her office the Friday before last. Luckily, our boss is cool and didn't mind (it only took me 20 minutes to rack up a bag full of goodies!) Below are pics I took of what I bought but the best thing about Lisa's jewelry is that she makes something for everyone from trendy, to whimsical, to classic's all there and it's super affordable. You can find her jewelry and other creations soon at or her store Carpe Catto!

Divine Design
Then we have Anna, one of my co-workers in OKC who recently left the 9 to 5 to pursue her design full time. She has an amazing taste in style in every sense of the word. Clothes, decor, everything! She makes fun custom stationary, invitations, announcements, Christmas cards...your wish is her command! She recently did our "new nest" cards (see below) that some of you may have gotten in the mail (and I'm still mailing some..I know. I'm bad.) . 
Check her out at you can also find ...And Everything Nice on facebook too! Contact

photos and images by ...and everything nice

These are just a few of the bazillion insanely gifted people I know. Do you have a talent that we need to know about?!? 

Whatcha selling?? 

Please share- we want to shop!!


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