Friday, June 17, 2011

Yard work & dogs

The good news is we are still getting a dog.

The bad news is- we have to wait longer than we wanted to.

All of the puppies were spoken for. There were 7 in the litter and we were the 9th on the list. (Which isn't too bad considering we started out at 25 on the list- but no dog is no dog whether we are 9th or 1 millionth.) We are on the list for a breeder having a litter in July, and the puppies would be ready to come home at the end of August so I will keep you posted.

Dale, our landlord and the builder of our house, came by yesterday to do a walk through before he ok'd our new, improved, dog-friendly, fence added, lease!

He wanted to make sure we hadn't trashed the place.

We party pretty hard you know.

He walked through, opening cabinets, and closets and shower curtains. I paced around like a freak-a-zoid. I was paranoid. You would have thought that this walk through would determine whether we lived or died. I'm such a spaz. He finished the walk through, wrote some things down on his notepad and said "Thank you for taking such excellent care of my home. It looks like the day I built it." Then I did this.....

So we will be spending the next few weekends making our front yard look spectacular by power washing our front porch and putting down some new bark dust stuff that goes around your plants. They deliver it in giant piles in your driveway here, and our yards are small, so we went half-zies with our neighbor. Then our landlord is finishing fencing off our tiny yard and we are going to get to work planting grass so that when our pup is ready to come home we'll have a nice place for him to play. 

Our current yard tools consist of a manual mower (like the Flinstones), a weed whacker, a craptasic rake, 2 pair of gardening gloves, and one of those mini- garden trowels. I suppose I'll be heading to the hardware store this afternoon to add a wheelbarrow, big boy shovel and whatever other crap the hardware man says I need.

Sounds exciting huh?

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