Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our family is about to grow......

....by 4 paws!!!

Haha! I just freaked your freak didn't I???

That's right people, we are getting a dog! A puggle to be exact. Our landlord thinks we are so cool that not only is he letting us have a dog, (only restriction- can't be a big doggie) he's going to fence in the rest of our backyard (if you can even really call it a backyard I'd say it's a rectangle 25 feet long by 15 feet wide)! We'll be seeding the yard and putting in a step so it's not such a jump from our mini porch to the ground. We must be excellent tenants. Which is awesome because now we don't have to move just so we can have a puppy!

I've been eyeballing a puggle for a few years now. Just ask my pal Anna about her first week at work at the office I worked for in Oklahoma. I took her to lunch and when she mentioned that she had two dogs, a beagle and a pug, I'm pretty sure all of CityBites heard me shriek "DO YOU BREED PUGGLES?? I WANT A PUGGLE SO BAD!".

Turns out Boomer and Winston are both boys.

These are some of the past puppies from the breeder we've chosen.

We went back and forth between getting a puppy from a breeder and getting a young 1-2 year old shelter dog (benefits being -one, that you gave a dog a home, and two, you can get a well behaved, friendly, potty trained young dog from a shelter, and of course it's significantly cheaper). I know at some point (if the spouse permits) we'll most likely add a shelter pup so our puggle has a buddy but we are going to see how living with one animal goes first.

Unfortunately, Daniel is not convinced that a puggle can ever be named Farfel. He thinks a shaggier, larger dog would best suit that particular monkier. We both love Senifeld, which is where the name Farfel came from, but Newman and Kramer have also been tossed into the ring as potential names. Any sname suggestions are welcome! Look at those adorable mugs above and let me know if a good dog name jumps to mind.

As soon as we moved to Oregon I found the breeder I wanted to get our puggle from, they are a Portland couple and they only have 1 litter a year. We are on the waiting list for the litter due in just a few days, so I'm hoping that all the people before us on the list have maybe gotten their pup from another breeder or have decided to adopt from a shelter or moved far far away! Ha ha!

Every year for Christmas and my birthday Daniel always asks what I want and my first answer is always "a dog!". The puppies will be ready to go to their homes at the beginning of August, right before my 30th birthday! This has the potential to be the greatest birthday in the history of planet earth.

Unless all the people ahead of us get the puppies first.

Then it will be a little less spectacular.

If only I could hack the breeders list and change all the potential puppy owner's e-mail addresses to mine....




  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh omgomgomg im going to have a heart attack and die from pure happiness. whyyyy isn't oregon closer to oklahoma?! i wanna play with your future puggle!! i'm seriously shrieking over here. matt says "newman is a very good name for a puggle". i vote farfel.

  2. YAY!!! I can't WAIT to see pictures of Farfel...which is a perfectly good name for a puggle! :)

  3. Yay! You are going to love your Puggle!!! My brother and his wife have had a Puggle, Bandit, for several years now and they love him to pieces. I really hope you get bumped up on the waiting list. Can't wait for pics!!


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