Tuesday, November 8, 2011

31 weeks

31 whole weeks in the books! And to my family who have been requesting it.... here's the 31 week belly pic. Pardon the grainy-nighttime high-ISO-no flash-"I was about to get ready for bed and remembered I hadn't taken my weekly picture"- bad hair shot.

She's grown (and therefore so have I) so much in the past few weeks. Just 7 weeks ago I looked like this. Anywho. On with the point of the post- the 3rd trimester emotion-coaster.

A note to those who have yet to experience it....you know you're near the end when you start to get teary-eyed in aisle 9 because you can't decide which baby wash to purchase for your unborn kid.

Yeah, that just happened.

We made a trip to Babies r' Us because we realized that other than a bed and a car seat we have nothing to care for our child with. Things like diapers, wipes, bottles, the stroller-  you know things you actually need.

We get to the aisle where they have all the 8 million baby washes, shampoos, lotions, diaper rash creams and I just stood there, staring. It sounds dumb, but I had 1 particular type of diaper rash cream I wanted to get cause I read it was the best and my kid needs the best diaper rash cream. Well our Babies r' Us apparently didn't have it and I freaked. There was no backup cream, no plan B, so I just stood there eyeballing the 20 other brands of butt cream that weren't the one I wanted like they were poison. I hadn't researched these foreign brands, therefore they were all deemed unsuitable.

My loving husband suggested we just hold off on the baby butt cream and move on to the baby wash. He deserves an award for keeping me from having a meltdown, surely he was wondering what psycho-emotional being had taken over his wife's body.

Again, we stood there, Daniel suggesting different brands and me looking at him like he was speaking German. I just kept picturing us giving our baby a bath and her having some insane reaction to the wash and then hating us the rest of her little kid life, as if  we weren't already going to get the tween/teen hate your parents phase, I couldn't have her mad at me as a toddler.

All I could get out is "Um, I don't know...is it unscented? is it all natural? Is it the super-mega-gentle-sensitive kind?" for every brand he suggested. He ended up having to calmly remind me that should Brooklyn have a reaction to the baby soap we will just go buy a different kind. Novel idea, right? So he just grabbed one put it in the basket, declared it a win and ushered me to the next aisle praying that there were no items on aisle 10 that would set me off.

And the nut-job of the week award goes to....yours truly.

Just thought I'd let you into that little moment of crazy with me.

In other news, I'll be posting another project for the nursery as well as a little home made art project for our living room walls (that have been empty for nearly 2 years) later this week. Here's to a meltdown-free week.


  1. Adrienne, Just a word for you: Aveeno. My dermatologist recommends it and I agree. Second, you will go through many pastes until you find one that works well with your kids' urine and skin. I hated Beaudreaux's Butt Paste, but many friends loved it. When you have a screaming kid with a rash, you'll try them all. Regardless of what's in it. I would have put wall paint on my kids' butt if it would have helped. :) Just remember, what's on the market is generally acceptable for MOST people via FDA. SO, don't sweat the small stuff. And finally, this too will pass. xoxo


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