Monday, July 23, 2012

Morning at the coast

We took Brooklyn to the Oregon coast for the first time this weekend. Other than my stupid postpartum anxiety having me worried the entire trip, it was fun! (On the way there I was worried a tree would fall going through the coastal range, then worried that we'd get in a wreck, then worried that I'd suddenly develop an allergy to the clam chowder I was eating... the list goes on. Please tell me this goes away- blah!)

Anywho- we left right after breakfast and made the 50 min. drive out to Lincoln city and B napped.  We arrived in town and headed right for the beach. It was 65 degrees that morning and there's really not a whole lot a 6 month old can do at the beach so we walked around and took pics for a bit then headed to lunch.

 Neither of us had been to Mo's yet (which claims they are famous for their chowder) so we headed there for an early lunch. I hate to say it, but I totally don't understand why they are famous for their chowder. It was sub-par at best, but Daniel loved his fish n' chips so all wasn't lost. Also the views were really nice - next time I'll skip the chowder and pick one of the other tasty looking items off the menu.

We went so early as we were hoping to miss the weekend traffic and we were glad we went when we did cause we left to head back home just when Hwy 101 and the beaches were getting packed. We got home and got to spend the afternoon relaxing and playing at home.


  1. Love the 1st photo - looks like a clothing ad.
    Did she like it? touch the freezing water? eat the sand?

    1. Ha ha! I think so...we didn't give her the chance to eat sand but it was really chilly that morning so she just got to look at the ocean :)

  2. The anxiety subsides. Each adventure builds your confidence. If you were a bit of a worrier before getting pregnant then eventually you will get back there. I am a worrier by nature. Maybe it's the Klempay blood in our veins ;). Keep taking adventures, most of the time they will be better than you expect.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. Mo's Chowder is nothing to call home about. Best chowder I have found in the LC area is actaully in Depot Bay at Gracie's Sea Hag. Check it out sometime! :-) Glad you guys got to enjoy some sun and the beach though!


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