Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brooklyn is 8 months!

Great googley-moogley!

What a month it has been! Brooklyn's learning things so quickly it's ridiculous. I'm excited that we are getting to see more of her little personality (which is wacky like her parents) but I'm sad that it's happening oh so very quickly.

Last week she woke up after having been down for about 3 hours one night and was crying so I went in and was holding her to get her to go back to sleep (she rarely wakes up once she goes down for the night!). As she just laid her little head on my shoulder and went back to sleep - I took a few extra minutes to walk around with her and sing to her even though she was out. I got all teary-eyed thinking how 30 years ago my mom did this with me and Daniel's mom did for him and now here we are, grown, with our own baby. That sooner than I can even think it, she'll be too big to lay on my shoulder and carry around and even worse won't want to cuddle with her mom anymore (because every kid has the "parents aren't cool" phase- I hope hers is shorter than mine was). I took the extra few minutes to just hold her and soak in her little snuggles, her little hands, her little pjs. I took the extra few minutes to pray over her. Those extra few minutes I want to be able to remember when she's 15 and telling me that I don't know anything and that I'm embarrassing her in front of her friends, or when she's 18 and going off to college, or 20-something and getting married. It's incredible how quickly it all really does pass.

Anywho...I digress. On to the milestones because one day I will be old and I'll look back on this here interweb diary of sorts and get to remember all this like it was yesterday. I knew blogging would be good for something.
Height: 28.25 inches  (90%)
Weight:  18 lbs     (55%)


- We got our good faller-asleeper back this month! Hooray! Still rockin' 12 hours a night but has gone to basically 2 naps that are about 1-2 hours each.

- She is a rollin' machine! Which means I can no longer leave her on her blanket and run to grab the laundry or make a quick trip to the restroom. 2 minutes and she's on the other side of the room! She is also starting to try to push up on all fours. Between the rolling and the pushing on all fours she can get to wherever she's trying to go (although it takes a while- but she's a determined little bugger).
- She can clap (and she will clap for everything -including the opposing team at sporting events). See evidence below.

- She is a great eater! 4 bottles a day and is up to about 6-8 oz of food per day. We do cereal and fruit in the morning, and veggie and protein (pureed meat kinda creeps me out so sometimes we do 2 different veggies) in the evening.  She's also decided that she likes to try to feed herself. She's great at getting the spoon in but then she lets go and sits there with the spoon in her mouth until you take it out. She also thinks it's funny to grab the part of the spoon with the food in it and then grin at you.

- Still no teeth. She also still doesn't babble really. No "babababas" or "mamamamas" yet. She likes squealing and growling and she'll say "poo" which sounds more like a bird call.

- She can stand up holding on to the couch if you stand her there and the past two weeks when you stand her up and hold her waist she'll practice bending as far to the side as she can and when she can't bend any further she'll start tilting her head down and when she's as low as she can get she'll just hang out there for a bit before standing back up straight. She's a whack-a-doodle.

Some not-cool milestones:
- She has learned to fake cry. She scrunches up her face and does the "WAA-HAA" noise and then looks at you with a straight face to see if it's working.

- When she's on the floor playing on her tummy and you are, say, folding laundry (right next to her, may I add) and she wants you to pay attention (or if she gets bored and wants to move on to the next activity) she will smush her face down into the floor and (with her head still down) bang both hands on the floor and whine. It's like a toddler on the floor of the grocery store tantrum "lite". Lord help us.

We love you scooby!


Your turn. Don't be shy, tell me what you think!

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