Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween week

We had a fun filled week leading up to Halloween. We took B to Baylor's annual treat night. It's put on by the residence halls for the children of Baylor faculty and staff members. All of the residence halls decorate, dress up and hand out candy, play games, and do crafts with the kids. At 9 months B obviously can't eat any candy, so we just took her up and down all the halls to see all of the creative costumes and elaborate decorations. The residence hall we went to went all out- each floor had a different theme. I mean floor to ceiling- decked out in decorations. All of the kids, including B, were having the greatest time- another one of the thousands of reasons we love being part of the Baylor community!
We then  headed up to OKC for the weekend to spend time with Daniel's family and finally meet our newest nephew Reid! Brooklyn had a blast playing with her nephews, chasing the dog, and exploring all of Bebe and Grandad's stairs and breakables. :)
Baby Reid and his uncle Daniel! He's so snuggly!
Grandad doing some "grandkid wrangling"
This is one wild bunch! (well Reid isn't wild...yet)
OU had a huge home game against Notre Dame so this week we were all decked out in our OU gear to support Daddy's alma mater. (Which unfortunately didn't help. Both of our schools lost this weekend AND the OKC Thunder traded James Harden making for a sports weekend I'd like to forget - good thing we had so much fun with our family to make us forget all about those silly sports!)

Grandad & Bebe with their little cheerleader.

Brooklyn had fun with Jacob, Daniel's cousin's son, who is just one week older than B. Who needs toys when you have air vents in the floor and dogs outside the backdoor?

And on Halloween night we stayed home and handed out candy to all the cute kiddos and our "Scooby" helped us out....kind of. She had to go to bed before most of the trick or treaters came ha ha!

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